Serving Malaysia and Malaysian Mental Health Association (Christine

Serving the community is a great way to improve the
neighbourhood, build relationships and help people. Community
services is a non-paying job performed by someone or a group of teenager or
adult for the benefit of the public or its institutions. The community services
are designed to improve the quality of life for community residents, low income
individuals or to solve particular problems related to their needs and to
exploit the potential of community assets. These services include the
healthcare, child care, welfare, social services, public safety, crime
prevention and control, rural development and also community improvement. Some examples of popular community service activities
include, pick up trash in a public park, help a neighbour with a house project,
volunteer at a youth centre, visit an elderly care home, volunteer at a
homeless shelter, tutor children, plant a community garden, hold a food drive
for the homeless, coach a little league sports team, volunteer at a crisis
shelter or perform random acts of kindness. There are many
non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Malaysia that offer healthcare service
such as Diabetes Society of Malaysia, Mercy Malaysia and Malaysian Mental
Health Association (Christine Sarikas, 2017).

activities can be defined as enjoyable activities that engage the nursing home
resident to an extent that they improve either their emotional wellbeing, cognitive
status, physical function or reduce problematic behaviours. The classical
example of a non-meaningful activity is a group of nursing home residents
watching television or a movie and falling asleep while watching. This could be
turned into a low grade meaningful activity. The purpose of the visit was to
provide early exposure to volunteers about the elderly who had no shelter and
at the same time foster our love and respect for the elderly. Watching a group
of elderly people living in this elderly man’s house really open the mind of
how important parents are in our lives. It is so heart-warming to see the
condition of mothers and fathers who are silent for the attention and care of
children, their relatives and their grandchildren. The activities that can be
done for them such as read to residents at a nursing home, we can help
them reading the newspaper and the latest news from the internet. Help to deliver
groceries and meals to the elderly neighbours can make them feel happy. In this
era of modern technology, we can help to teach the computer skills to them, so
they will not outdated with the technology (Claude Vincent, 2008). We can also
drive seniors to doctor appointments (Healey, J, 2008). Some of them in the
house are not in a good condition, but they would like to stay at home rather
than laying on bed in the hospital, so we can help to bring the doctor to them
if their condition is not chronic till to have bring the elderly to the
hospital. Make birthday cards for the elderly (Kelly Roper, 2017). In this
case, we can make a plan to have a birthday party for the elderly who had born
in the same month. Giving them a cake and cook for them will make them feel
great and feel the love of a child. Donate and decorate a Christmas tree at a
nursing home in the Christmas month which is December, will be great and
enjoyable. We can also organize a family day for residents of a retirement home
and relatives to play games together. They will not feel bored and this way can
help them to forget for a while about their sad story and their silence of
missing their home and children. Pick up medicine for an elderly neighbour is
such a good things to do. In a nursing home, they might lack of medicine (Shaw,

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Basic medicine like antibiotics, bismuth
subsalicylate and paracetamol should be keep in the home for emergency
condition. Perform a concert or play at a senior centre and help elderly
neighbours clean their homes and organize their belongings are the things that
volunteer community services can do. Besides that, we can buy them a filter
water and we can do the service to change the filter every six months. Provide
a fire extinguisher and help to teach them how to use it so that they can used
it in case of emergency. Changing their bed sheets and buy them a new pillow
will make them feel satisfied. We can help them to clean the surrounding area
of the house to prevent from dengue and malaria by clean the drain and burn the
dry leaves. Dealing with this situation will made us a stronger and more caring

provides physical and mental rewards includes reduced stress, when we focus on
someone other than our self, it will interrupts usual tension producing
patterns. In general, volunteering enhances the well-being of volunteers and
increases the frequency of positive emotions. It also makes our body become
healthy because our moods will be good and optimism strengthen the immune
system. Community service of nursing home care can also uniting people from
diverse backgrounds to work toward a common goal and also help teenagers many
kinds of relationship skills and attitudes about work that employers seek such
as responsibility, teamwork, problem solving and learning to learn (Christine
Sarikas, 2017). There are different types of volunteering such as skill based
volunteering which are individual-skill based and corporate-skill based,
corporate volunteering, volunteering in developing and under developed countries,
environmental volunteering, volunteering in an emergency, volunteering in
schools and community volunteering (Halperin, 1993). There are many benefits
can be gained from the implementation of community service activities such as
create a sense of understanding and consolidation of identity within a group,
cultivate a sense of concern and concern for the community in the environment,
applying knowledge, skills and civic values ??to each individual, adopt a
healthy lifestyle and always help others who need help (Florida National
University, 2013).