The OSSLT is based on the reading and writing skills in all subject areas up to the end of grade 9, but is the Grade 10 test of reading and writing skills a good idea? Some people prefer the idea, whereas others hate it. In my opinion, I believe that the grade 10 test of reading and writing skills is a good idea; there are three main reasons that support my opinion. First, the OSSLT shows students how strong their literacy skills are. Second, teachers could look at the OSSLT as being a way to assess their students’ performance so that they know what and how to teach in the future.

Finally, this test can also remind every one of the students, especially for the ESL students to study hard in order to pass the OSSLT. Firstly, this is a test that helps students to have a general idea of how well is their literacy skills. It is well known that the test is divided into reading section and writing section, which means the students could figure out which part of the literacy skills is the weakness for them base on their results of each section.

However, the real purpose of study to the students is to get an understanding of where the vulnerabilities are. Fortunately, the OSSLT can tell the students where the vulnerabilities are, so that they can focus on the weakness part in order to fix and improve the skills before finishing the school. And this is one reason for me to support the idea. The other reason is that the OSSLT helps the teachers to have the knowledge of the English level of the grade 10 students in order to improve the strength of educating.

As a whole, if the result of the OSSLT is perfect, which appears the student has a good study environment. Contrarily, if the result is bad, which reminds the teachers that they need to adopt the more effective methods to improve the marks and adjust teaching method according to the result of the OSSLT in the future. However, the OSSLT helps the teachers a lot that how to set up or improve the requirement and teaching standard in many ways, and that’s why I thought the OSSLT is a good thing.

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Last but not least, the OSSLT can remind students to study hard in English, especially for the ESL students. As an ESL student, Learning English is much more than a fad; it is really a must. Let’s take a look around us: the latest information around the world is written in or translated into English. To keep up with the ever-changing world, we must be equipped with a good command of English. From a more practical point of view, Successful completion of the OSSLT is one of the 32 requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

And it also reminds us that we must study hard to improve our English skills. It not only prepares for the test but for your real life. To sum up the above arguments, the OSSLT not only can shows the students where the weakness is and reminds them to work hard in English section, but also helps the teacher to figure out the more effective methods in order to teach students English in a better way. These are the reasons why I though the Grade 10 Test of Reading and Writing is a good idea.


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