Relationship and experiences shapes an individual’s sense of belonging, at times to a greater or lesser extent can create a sense of marginalization or alienation. The following texts: A drama “Rabbit-Proof Fence” produced by Phillip Noyce. A novel “The China Coin” written by Allan Baillie explore this notion quite explicitly. All people strive to achieve a sense of belonging, however, this may impeded if their sense of identity fragile.

For some, their sense of belonging may depend up on acceptance by others particular to a place and a culture may be all extremely powerful and may not need desire acceptance from a board of dominant community. Rabbit-Proof Fence is a drama about three young aboriginal girls Molly Graig, 14, Daisy Kadibil, 8 and Gracie Fields, 10. They ran away from Moore River Native Settlement to return to their aboriginal families. The drama follows the girls to show how they escape from aboriginal tracker and also show us the sense of belonging through their rough journey.

The director utilizes a number of techniques such as camera, angle, voice-over and background music to depict Molly’s sense of belonging. The film begins in a long shot of the land and camera slowly zooms in on Molly as a young person to show her connection to this land and also establishes her connection to her aboriginal life. The film begins with the adult Molly’s voice-over in her traditional language as she recounts her true story.

Other scenes which also depict this such as hunting and tracking traditional food with her family which highlights her ability to survive on her land, the totem bird will protect her which implies the bird likes a symbol of her belief, also emphasises her relationship with her land. All of these scenes create a extremely powerful connection to her homeland. The director uses film techniques to introduce a sense of danger as the policemen spying the young girls.

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The director utilises a low angle shot towards the policemen which emphasises the authority of their uniform and creates a sense of impending doom. During the emotionally charged scene where a policeman catches the girls from their mother’s arms, the director uses a ground level camera angle to highlight his brutal action. During the life of settlement, Molly’s perspective, “They make me sick. ” push her to commerce a 1500 mile long journey back home with other two girls. Molly shows us her powerful survival skills to escape from black tracker at many times.


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