Sensation, in psychology, is a process by which a sensory organ is stimulated and produces an experience that is dependent of the source of the stimulus (Answers. com, 2008). For example, the nose, when exposed to a place where there are animal wastes, will perceive a foul odor. Another example is when the eye is stimulated by the color of a wall or when the skin touches a cold surface that results in the chilly feeling. In short, sensation involves the activity and mechanisms of the body’s senses.

Likewise, in psychology, the study of sensation is also the study of the operation of the senses (Answers. com, 2008). The general process is sensation involves the localization or the narrowing down of sounds, visual objects, and cutaneous contacts. Generally, psychologists study sensation through the observation and analysis of a person’s experiences. This type of study is called introspection in which psychologists describe, explain, and analyze a subject or a person’s conscious experiences, specifically sensations and feelings (A2Z Psychology. om, 2008).

In other words, it can then be deduced that one of the ways that psychologists’ study sensation is that they base their findings on the physiological aspects of a subject or a person. However, another method to study sensation was developed through Gestalt psychology, which opposes the introspection method. In this method, sensation was studied as an organized pattern and not as individual sensations (A2Z Psychology. com, 2008).

For example, a film may simply appear as thousands of individual colorful still pictures but humans may perceive it as a continuous movement or a series of events in motion. In short, it can then be said that sensation, which primarily involves the body senses, is thus studied through observing the sensory organs and analyzing the reactions they produce once they are stimulated. These stimulations and reactions are then further studied in order to broaden the theories and concepts behind the study of sensation.

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