Business management diversified. It calls for creativity, understanding, and motivation of keeping to the focus. According to Premji, in his speech at Stanford Graduate School of Business, failure is necessary for any innovation to be achieved. He states that the possibility of forming new good thoughts is based on numerous mistaken ideas. He insists that failure ought to be pardoned and forgotten at once. However, a question comes; shall we allow a series of failure streaming, one after another?

The truth is that most business administrators often find it hard to pardon the same mistake for a number of occasions. Most employees also find themselves in great fear after attempting the first mistake and realizing that the boss was at once on their neck. Since experience is the best teacher, it is important to learn from our experiences; companies should include more experiments creating new products. When a new product is created and is delivered to clients, they will most often comment on the negative part then correction can be done.

When premji says, “…companies should deliberately design a culture of innovativeness…and foster an environment for in which workers feel safe taking risks, even when they fail,”(Premji, 2006). He dose not mean that we allow carelessness at work. He means that when ever an employee creatively tries to design a brand and it fails, correction should be made on the next batch of product for more customer satisfaction.

Instantaneous confrontation scares employees from creativity and they become procedural servants upholding old principles to avoid being at longer heads with the bosses. The result is stagnation in technology and immediate failure of the system due to lack of creativity. In conclusion, my company would allow failure by providing enough training and correcting the staff. I will also creating room for more laboratory tests at free will for technical staff under some supervision to avoid malicious destruction of company property.

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