The Self presentation skills of Malcolm X

My hypothesis is to watch Malcolm X with an appropriate set of observation sheets detailing his verbal and non-verbal communication along with his relationship and audience. Communication studies: The essential introduction (2001) defines self -presentation as daily interaction with the world, which are conscious attempts to influence other people. The essential introduction (2001) Ervin Goffman offers the view that self – presentation is a extended form dramatic performance, which we prepare and at which we constantly work: ‘Life itself is a dramatically enacted thing’.

Malcolm X’s non-verbal conscious though are extremely ‘heavy’ which suggest a kind of communicative competence instead of incontinence. His paralanguage is demanding (with an intonation which signifies commitment) to persuading his audience and aggressive (appropriate volume and emphasis) by rising his voice at important issue and lower his tone of voice at less important, his proximity is often close and persuasive. Malcolm uses his physical appearance such as height to intimate people which lack the understanding of Halls (1959) notion of personal space means many audiences are often intimidated.

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Clearly his physical appearance plays a major aspect in persuading and preaching many people. Malcolm is equally sensitive in his use of language to his audience and many black Americans, frequently finding a formal register. He was formed to use range colloquial language self-depreciating and frowns for those he considers as idiots. His language is sophisticated, smart; a wide reaching elaborated code, which in itself often functions as barrier to communicate. Audience are often persuaded by sophisticated words which engages the,

The Self-presentation image of Malcolm X can be exploited in several ways, enabling us humans to make formal judgements about them. Malcolm’s face expression play’s an important role in his self presentation in that he makes eye contact to those people he wants to address whether it’s a formal or informal solution. Malcolm’s dress code also plays a crucial part in his self-presentations. The clothes and suits that Malcolm ‘s wears makes a statement about him. The suit is worn to distinguish people who have important jobs that require them to meet people and make important decisions.

Suits establishes their powers and status as well as making them recognisable to member of the public. The connation of the suits shows how wealth Malcolm was. Paying closes attention to Malcolm’s upright posture tells another story. Many people associate this posture with extremely high confidence. Malcolm a sign that Malcolm sincerely believes what he says deserves to be given serious attention. Malcolm ‘s facial expression is exposed frequently throughout he interview, where he tends to tighten his lips around the mouth and lower his eyebrows.

According to Desmond Morris (1994) in the essential communication studies, these are the correct action of feeling angry and aggressive. By conclusion it is possible to construct something like a model of the ideal or at least a potentially successful, leaders. It would probably start with motivation having a clear idea that leader is what you need to become a leader. If you want to become a successful and effective it ought to inform your non-verbal to promote a good impression. Malcolm makes clear eye contact with his fellow audience, which associate Malcolm as a great leader