Self portrait

Life always has something good to offer. Sometimes, the things that hurt others are essential in the growth of people. Sometimes, there are things that others cannot grasp because of their inability to accept reality. Personally, my reflections were seen evident in my everyday accounts. I found it relatively easy to express my thoughts and emotions through art. Self portraits are clear manifestations of how people would perceive themselves. I, for one, have been practicing such gesture. As my personal reflection, I chose a self portrait to represent my thoughts and emotions about things.

Similar to art, I may be perceived differently by people. There were those who could easily identify with the portrait, while others have difficulty deciphering the real intention of the portrait. I personally chose Vincent Van Gough’s self portrait for a number of reasons. The color scheme used in the painting was outstanding. The said portrait resembled a photograph; however, the use of dark colors made the portraits a revolutionary work of art. One of the most important factors I have seen in the portrait was the sense of art present in the color scheming.

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The portrait was able to reveal the innermost feelings of Van Gough, including his thoughts, emotions and heartaches experienced in life. These could be clearly shown by the different brush strokes used, and the facial expression of the person in the portrait. Similar to my own life, I was able to produce self-portraits of myself. While in the process of finishing the artwork, I was able to release my innermost thoughts and emotions. I learned how to release the anger and pain that was filling my heart at that particular instant. Van Gough’s painting also showed much about the realities of life.

A piece of writing that has influenced my life was Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook. As I was reading the fiction, I was able to relate much to the characters in the film. Like them, there was a time in my life when everything seemed to go against my will. I would feel heartbroken and furious, for things did not go the way as planned. However, I was also brought to the reality of how lucky I am to be born in this world, where I can experience the beauty and wonders of everything around me. The fictitious novel would not only catapult the hearts of young women, but also that of men and adults.

It was a story about life, wherein hope was everywhere. People who commit mistakes in life had the chance to rise up and improve their craft. Life, as mentioned earlier, could be reflected in different manners. A photo album is one object that may be attributed for such. Important events in the lives of people are normally captured in photographs. These in turn are printed and placed in photo albums, that would be one’s greatest remembrance of an important event. Furthermore, we are given the opportunity to look back and remember the important events of our lives that have helped us become who we are today.

Music was another way of releasing one’s innermost thoughts and emotions. Composers normally put their heart and soul whenever they compose songs. These songs particularly give importance to things that were beyond the scope of knowledge of others. I was particularly interested in Fergie’s song Big Girls Don’t Cry. This may be attributed to the fact that I lived away from my family. The song was able to embody the kind of strength and determination I had in life in order to succeed. From being a naive girl back in our home town, I evolved into a stronger individual.

The sacrifices and hardships I endured in life made me stronger and ready to face anything. Although I experienced numerous challenges in my life, I was able to rise up and become better individual. As I suffered, I would cry like a baby and feel weak as ever. I know that Van Gough also experienced such in his life. With much determination, he was able to overcome these obstacles and become known for his craft. Struggles in life are always present – we stumble and fall, yet in the end we become stronger people. In addition to this, the song served as a reflection of how I viewed my life.

Back in my hometown, I was dependent on my parents in mostly everything. I did not have to worry much about how I would survive. Moreover, I was wrapped in their shadow for the longest time. Being away from them made me realize my true capabilities in life. I had the opportunity to spread my wings and prove myself to the world. I was now ready to face all endeavors with a big smile on my face. I no longer had to hide behind my parents and wait for their protection. Regardless of this, I know that at the end of the road, and no matter fate may lead me, I would always go back to my roots – my family.