Segmentation and Targeting of Rathbun’s Restaurant

Restauranteur not only provides local flavor and tourism within a geographical location but it also upholds the locality with its distinction. One of the top restaurants within USA is Rathbun’s located at 112 Krog St NE, Atlanta, GA. It is jointly owned by two supreme chef brothers, Kevin and Kent Rathbun, who, reputedly defeated world renowned chef Bobby Flay in Iron Chef America.

The restaurant management basically consist of defined three sections—the restaurant, the Krog Bar and the Kevin Rathbun’s Steakhouse. The divisions define the target market for the restauranteur business with the Krog Bar stocked with over 185 wine labels catering for the adult elite; the steakhouse for any occasions that warranted celebrations; and the restaurant for the upper class that specifically looks for ambience and eclectic American food flavor.

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Core value for the management is the creation of a comfortable atmosphere that is ceded by superior service from a well-seasoned staff. The atmosphere is not just ‘classy’; it is also comfortably modernistic. Rathbun’s prides itself in its locally and nationally recognized reputation as a unique, fun, comfortable upscale restaurant with employees. It has garnered several consistent reviews and awards locally (e. g. City’s Best Restaurant in Atlanta).

While it is true that Rathbun’s may have currently enjoyed its’ fame in the restaurant business, it will, in the future, be stomped down by larger competitors in Atlanta which caters to a larger set of people. Not only is the target population small and specific but the restaurant dining hours is restricted from 5:30 to 10:30. Additionally, the number of seats in the restaurant and in the bar is relatively small; the dining room can seat only 104 people, the bar, 26 the patio, 60 and the private room, 40.

Such arrangements reflect the segmentation of the restaurant which does not bode well for the increasing competition. If Rathbun’s want to gainsay competitive advantage in the lucrative and saturated restaurant business, the management should expand and re-focus the target population to the family strata. Naturally such expansion calls for spatial development. Additionally, the restaurant should outsourced their products in the future, that is if the do want geographical expansion.