Security Meltdown is limited to affecting Intel processors

Security researchers have discovered two critical vulnerabilities, Meltdown and Spectre which
are capable of exposing critical information’s stored inside your computer
processors. Meltdown is limited to affecting Intel processors whereas Spectre
can affect Intel, ARM, Qualcomm and AMD processors, that is almost every device
that has a processor inside it, it is everywhere. These security bugs can
affect nearly every computer, Smartphone, and tables and gain access to your
passwords, personal details, locked files, login keys and your encrypted
communications. The researchers have provided all the information regarding
this security flaws by creating a dedicated website. You can check out the
website at the link below. and

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Both these bugs directly
target the Kernel memory in the processor by breaking a barrier that stops
applications from accessing arbitrary locations. So who all are affected? 
Chips going back to 2011 and processors as far back as those released in 1995
are vulnerable. It doesn’t matter whether your device runs on Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Chrome OS, Linux,
Android or something else. All software platforms are equally
vulnerable. Now the question is how many have been affected till now? Well, we
don’t yet know but Microsoft has already issued a patch for Windows 10
platform. Intel has already released
firmware patches update for its processors, and they are also working with the
manufacturers who distribute their processors. There are also
rumors regarding the partial fix for MAC OS with version 10.13.2. Cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services are also
working on it and creating patches to make sure that their systems are all
right and not being attached to the vulnerable.


All the companies are
working on it to make sure that their system is not being attacked and all the
users are safe by rolling out updates and security patches. We recommend you to
regularly update the software’s on your computer, tablet, and Smartphone to
stay safe from this or any other threat.