Security is a broad concept that is aimed at creating at condition in which unauthorized persons cannot gain access to the secured asset. This is aimed at protecting the asset from theft or any other risk that the owner of the asset needs security against. Physical security is part of the broad concept of security that is aimed at protecting various resources such as personnel’s, premises as well as corporate data stored in physical media owed by an organization. This is a composition of measures to be employed to prevent attacks on resources and the inclusion of ways to use these measures in security designs.

It is aimed at preventing theft, any form of intrusion or damage of property. Security is based on three elements that are placing preventive obstructions aimed at deterring potential attackers, using surveillance measures to notify intrusions and methods to be used in apprehending the intruder. Upgrading of a security system is important in the sense that it prevents the possibility of the occurrence of the risk secured against by making the security measures stronger thus reducing the occurrence of the risk.

This is a measure that follows a thorough study of the security system to ensure whether the system needs upgrading or replacement depending on the vulnerability of the system to be compromised (Fennelly, 2004). Upgrading the security management The upgrading of the security management begins with upgrading the security of the building. This is aimed at safeguarding the buildings from attacks that could lead to the loss of assets as well as other important resources in the building. The security attacks that can be addressed are the unauthorized entry, fire, explosive threats such as bombs as well as natural disasters such as flood.

The security system needs to install deadbolt locks on the doors of each building. This is based on the fact that they are strong than any other locks and can not be easily vandalized. The security management needs to establish a key control policy that is aimed at reducing the risk of key holders making duplicates without permission (Fennelly, 2004). This is a move that is aimed at the management coming up with policies that will regulate the way keys are handled in the faculty. This are measures that are aimed at the restriction of the way the keys are handled aimed at reducing the access to the keys as this might provide a loop hole.

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An alarm system also needs to be installed as these are important in the notification of the security personnel’s that an intrusion has taken place. This is based on the fact that the above modifications are aimed at preventing intrusion. The alarm system is beneficial in the sense that it can scare the intruder away or alternatively alert the law enforcement personnel’s of the intrusion. This is an effective move in the sense that it prevents the intruder from carrying out the damage that he intended by alerting the security of his presence.

Floor marshals also need to be assigned in the building. These are employees who serve the role of approaching visitors whose identity is not recognized to ensure that their purpose on the premises is legitimate. The floor marshals can also trigger an alarm to report of suspicious persons in the premises who can be handled by the law enforcement personnel’s employed by the faculty. Both alarm alerts as well as floor marshals are important security components in the sense that they are used in the detection of the intruder and this can be used in initiation of the response to the alert.

Alternatively, the door locks can be upgraded with an electronic access control system. These are beneficial in the sense that they give a record of the individuals who opened or otherwise attempted to open a door. This information is vital in the investigation process in the event of a security breach (Provide Security for Building Occupants and Assets, 2010). It is also an important upgrading system in the sense that it reduces the risk of attack in the event of loss of keys based on the fact that it allows the addition as well as deletion of electronic keys.

Customized access privileges can also be allowed based on the authority level of the individual being given the privileges. The buildings also need to be fitted with video surveillance based on the fact that they improve the ability to monitor the building as well as providing information that can be used in investigation in the event of a security breach. However, these need to be fitted with care based on the fact that the privacy of the individuals within the premises needs to be upheld as a code of ethics. This calls for measure to be put in place to guide the use as well as fitting of these gadgets.

The importance of these measures is the fact that they help the security management to detect an intrusion into the premises. They also reduce the delay that may occur before response to the intrusion takes place by ensuring that the response team is alerted of the intrusion as swiftly as possible. This raises the need to use the measure together to increase their efficiency in the ensuring of security in the premises. Ground security is also vital and includes the security of the external area that surrounds the building that is used for aesthetic purposes creating an enjoyable environment.

The security of this ground can be achieved by making the grounds clear in order to prevent any obstructions that can be used to hinder observation of security breaches as well as unauthorized entries. The ground needs to be well organized so as to make it possible for the security guards to make surveillance of the area. Motion sensors can be installed in the ground to aid in the security of the area. This is based on the fact that they are designed in a way that they are able to sense the movement of an object based on heat as physical movement of the object (Physical security, 2010).

Following the detection of movement an alarm is triggered thus alerting the security guards. These are ideal security measures based on the fact that they can be used in the surveillance of open areas that can be accessed from many sides and are also efficient in the sense that one sensor can cover a large area. They are beneficial in the detection of the intruder sending a message to the alarm panel that initiates the response by raising an alarm. Ground security can well be upgraded through Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design which is a set of design principles that are aimed at discouraging crime (Access control, 2010).

This is a design that is aimed at offering natural surveillance that discourages crime based on the fact that criminals do not want to be seen. This is achieved by keeping the grounds well lit as well as eliminating hiding spots. Closed circuit televisions can also be used in the view of areas that do not have a natural straight line. This are aimed at making the intruder feel that they are being watched as well as allowing the security personnel’s to view them thus discouraging crime. Security can also be upgraded by creating a natural access control system that is aimed at denying potential attackers control in the premises.

This can be done by using maze entrances for visitors in the premises. This denies them straight access to the targeted area making their operation much difficult. Curbing and landscaping can also be used in the direction of automobiles to a controlled and visible area to prevent possible attack aimed at making detection of threat easier. Tight hardening can also be used in the upgrading of security that is aimed at making the target more difficult to forcibly entry. This can be achieved with the above discussed measure of using locks that cannot be easily broken into.

Protective window films are also advisable as measures of tight hardening as they make plate glasses less vulnerable to smash and grab burglaries. Security of an entity is made stronger by increasing the sightlines of the personnel’s to all entry points. There is also the need to make sure that the personnel’s can easily call for help in the event they detect a threat by fitting panic buttons that call a central station or ignites an alarm in a separate section of the building from which aid can be offered to the security thereat.

This is aimed at reducing the delay that may happen in the initiation of response to an attack following the detection of an attack thus ensuring the efficiency of the system. Visitor badging systems can also be used in the supervision of the visitors to monitor their activities (Access control, 2010). This is aimed at making them easily visible as well as noticeable in the premises to create a situation in which their activities in the premises can easily be monitored. Iris scanners can as well be used as an upgrade of the security system in the faculty.

This can be used in the confidential rooms where important data is stored. This is based on the fact that they are much effective in the identification of the visitor than other forms of security measures. This can be coupled with fingerprint scanners to make the identification more vivid. The faculty management also has an uphill task aimed at upgrading its information security. The information security management needs to be confidential in the sense that information should not be disclosed to unauthorized individuals as well as systems.

This can be achieved through the use of a strong password system as well as the use of systems that are strong in encryption. The system also needs to ensure integrity based on the fact that it has to prevent the unauthorized modification of the data. The system also needs to be strong enough in the sense that it truly identifies both parties at the end of the transaction to prevent attackers posing as genuine clients. This means that the system needs to have a decoding as well as encrypting system that is strong enough to perform these tasks.

This is based on the fact that the information that is being transmitted needs to be guarded from intruders who may pose as the genuine clients with passwords belonging to the genuine clients (Aceituno, 2005). The security management also needs to implement security measure at its security stronghold points. This is in attention to the strong rooms in which the security personnel’s handle the monitoring of the security measure all over the premises. This is based on the fact that an intrusion to this area sabotages all the security measure made.

In this case the rooms need to be made less accessible to unauthorized persons. This can be achieved with the implementation of RFID identification technology that uses radio technology to overcome physical restrictions of bar code technology. This is a technology that employee’s greater reinforcement to the security system and makes it hard for intruders to penetrate. The faculty can also apply nanotechnology in the development of miniature identification cards that can be used in gaining entry into the rooms.

This is based on the fact that minimum access needs to be given to individuals in the faculty to reduce the risk of a break in. this is based on the fact that an intrusion into this room can be used in the sabotage of all the other security measures thus the occurrence of the risk (Physical security, 2010). The security management also needs to create a clear distinction between the assets that can be accessed by the visitors as well as those that can only be accessed by the employees. This can be achieved by making sure that the people working at the reception have a clear sight of the entrance.

They also ought to have the ability to discreetly and hastily call for help in the event they see something suspicious. This is by giving them an alarm system that allows them to alert other employees or else the police. This ensures less delay thus hastening the response to the alert. The security personnel’s also need to be situated in place were they have clear view of the entrances to the premises. This is based on fact that the security personnel’s need to have clear sight in order to easily detect the threat and initiate the response.

The management of the faculty also has a role to play in the upgrading of the security management. This is through maintenance which is aimed at the territorial reinforcement. This is a measure that is aimed at maintaining the area of the faculty in a good manner as this sends a different impression to potential intruders. This is based on the notion that such an image depict an area in which there are people who are noticing as well as caring about the activities that take place in that area (Access control, 2010).

The idea is aimed at repairing any vandalized areas around the faculty as it acts as an invitation of attacks by sending the message that the area is not cared for. The basis of the upgrading measures is aimed at increasing the detection of intrusion as well as reducing delay in the initiation of response. This is based on the fact that a good security system ought to easily identify intruders into the premises and as quickly as possible alert the response team. The conveying of the message ought to be fast so as to reduce the time frame in which the attacker can carry out the attack before the response is conveyed.

Conclusion Upgrading of a security system is a process that is usually carried out following the realization of loopholes that exist in the existing security system. This is based on the fact that these are measures that are intended to be performed to the existing security system to make it hard for intruders to break in. this is based on making the security system in use more complex in a way that it can not be easily compromised. The above mentioned measures are to be implemented on the existing security system aimed at making it more effective.

This is based on the fact that they are aimed at making the detection of an intruder easier as well as effective. This is achieved by ensuring that the whole premises is properly monitored as well as manned. It is also aimed at reducing delay which is the time that is spent in the conveying of the message of alert to the responsible parties for response and the response itself. A reduction in this time has the advantage that it makes it hard for the intruder to carry out his attack in time before he is apprehended by the law enforcement personnel’s in the premises.


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