I actually never knew that the department of policy do conduct “integrity test” in schools periodically. But what is the idea here it is really simple in fact policy officers only want to check the integrity and trustworthiness of their officers. However, much cannot be said about their specific procedures, because I haven’t heard of this kind of practice before. In one of interesting examples Brooklyn high school the police department sent an undercover agent into the school, the agent handed a bag of marijuana to the high school safety agent.

At this point, I am sure you are getting the idea though. Had the school safety agent acted “responsibly”, that is to say acted as a school safety agent is expected to act, then the whole thing would have been ‘perfect’ (Thomas 2007: pp. 2-6). However, the school safety agent acted “irresponsibly”, the safety agent opened the bag took a whiff of the contents of the bag, and immediately the agent was “overwhelmed” I don’t know whether you are wondering as I am by the word “overwhelmed” in this specific situation in the school but the end result was that chaos ensued afterwards.

In the end both the police department and the five departments were called out in force, some ambulances crew as well. But the big question is what someone would imagine the reactions of the students when they were asked to evaluate the school with approximately one hour left for the day. The matter was even more complicated by the fact that, the public address system was not working at the moment and therefore the school officials has to go around the school from classroom to classroom, asking people to vacate the premises.

It is obvious that the whole issue didn’t sit well with the school, considering that even after two weeks after the incident occurred, the issue had not been cleared (Thomas 2007: pp. 6-12). I have heard some sectors say that the integrity tests should be changed, I strongly support them, although others are saying that, that wouldn’t be a wise move, one stop for second or two to consider and assess what is it that they see that cannot be changed. Following, the incidence an unidentified source quoted! Police officers and traffic agents pass these tests regularly; they have done this for so many years and nothing like this has ever happened” It is obvious that there is only one question we seek to answer; this is to do with, whether these kinds of tests are appropriate or not. I personally believe that conducting integrity tests is the only one of major ways of keeping the school safety agents in check. In fact, the rationale behind the tests is very sensible, but if they are done in the right way, that is to say an effective way.

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Even if school safety agents are human, we cannot however, discount for this kind of instances. This is because; if everything was done properly, and if it was only this particular agent who reacted in an unexpected manner, then why let the whole system suffer for one person’s failure. Advocates of security and safety in schools are not letting up in their effort to find solutions to the issue of school safety. They have invited University and High school administrators to attend National Student Safety and security conferences for example the one in has Vegas.

Initially my reaction was positive in the sense that none cannot feel positive when there are people who continues to prioritize school safety, but in the back of my mind I was thinking that this might just be like one of those conferences for I have to admit the fact that we have had a lot of meetings, summits and the like, but there is no effective solution which has been established yet, because each mouth, we hear news about incidents of school violence and security breaches from all over different parts of the country.

So is this Las Vegas conference going to be of any significant? However, the invitation of this Las Vegas conference was ‘extended not only to school administrators, but it was openly given out to other sectors us well; like: campus security officers, mental health professionals, emergency management experts, first responders, law enforcers, and other security experts. The aim of the conferences was to involve all the people, but to me it seems its ultimate goal is to create awareness and enable it find solutions that cover wide range of people relevant to school safety.

I still believe that this multi-sectoral approach is one big thing going for this conference, but I highly advocate for community involvement in school safety. Because to me, I don’t expect much from just a two-day conference since they have a lot of topics on the table that range from national perspective on school safety to assessing threats to look down to legal issues, considering that this is not even half of it.

My interest is really in the role playing part, where organizers have laid out several broad categories like; response, recovery, prevention, and preparedness from their organization, and the organizers see the issue clearly from various points of view, and they recognize, that the solution does not lie only in responding to threats however they have not eliminated this aspect but they are putting equal emphasis on prevention and preparedness as well.

In community involvement, as I suggested, in order for it to be effective districts must take steps to words off threats to school security, instead of responding to, the threats when they occur or when it is already too late this is because school tragedies teaches us one thing students are vulnerable and therefore, they deserve the best protection possible (Alexander 1982: pp. 12-18). It is therefore the task of the districts to realize that school violence can anywhere at any time, from the country’s smallest rural district to the big cities, to even kindergarten classrooms and elementary schools.

This can be irritating at times, and it might make me sound so at the same time but is this not something that each and every parent must know, and in particular it also expects our school officials to think so as well. It is a time to know that times have changed and as hard as it might be to understand exactly why, some steps need to be taken to ensure that our schools are safe even before something bad happens, because, if we can avoid a critical situation due to preparation or whether scheme, then why not? In think this essay paper is good for school administrators who are focusing on how to react during critical times to read.

Another important ideas that I propose for school administrators focusing on school security, it is important for schools to focus more an data security than physical security; that is to say that districts around the country, from urban centers to rural communities should focus their security efforts largely on data security, specifically in regulating and monitoring internet usage and keeping students computers screens within the view of adults, but they should keep checking the physical side of security as well concurrently Thomas 2007: pp. 12-36)..

The above statement is based on the K-12 schools safety index 2007 conducted by Quality Education Data. Up to this point it is still unbelievable that some schools still do not prioritize the physical security of their students and the only one thing we should have learnt from the recent school tragedies is that we should get our acts together in order to keep our children safe in school. I very well understand the dangers and risks involved with the internet, but I still ask why not focus on something more concrete and the one that can hurt more immediately?

But still I don’t really know I may overreact but I cannot see why administrators give more importance in data security than physical security. Conclusion Every time I read about schools and their associated safety issues, somewhere between the discussion technology is bound to be mentioned. When I combined with what I have been reading lately a good number of people perceive technology as one of the major solutions to schools safety issues, and they come from various sectors: law enforcement officers, school authorities, business people and the parents.

I was therefore left to think whether advanced technology really presents the solution for school safety issues? I don’t want to seem redundant, but I will point out the facts; this issue boils down to the issue of preemption and prevention as opposed to reaction. Advanced technology I believe can do a lot in helping preempt security breaches and the incidents of violence in school; however, this is not the only solution, it may not be even the most effective solution the prevention of unwanted incidents, an example is a student who has a psychological problem, it may not be possible to prompt acts.

In this case counseling and other similar option would be of great help, but on the other hand if a perpetrator has already gone past the first line of security, which is very possible and wreaks havoc within the school, then psychology will not be effective here (Abel-Smith 1993: pp. 8-14). In this case security cameras are more effective. The one big advantage of this of the system of advanced technology is that it can enable authorities’ access the images from the cameras wirelessly, they don’t need to be within the school premises just in case they are locked out during an incident.

Nevertheless, the system rapidly deploys additional mobile cameras which can be sent to strategic locations, and this helps law enforcement in decision making. This is where the usefulness of advanced technology lies and comes in hand to help, but my stand is still clear, prevention hasn’t changed, and I still believe that finding a concrete solution in this regard would still be the best option for the long-term (Alexander 1982: pp. 18-24).


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