Nowadays, Information technology has become part of the organization. It’s tough to exist in this modern world without computers and Information technology. Most of the organizations are shifting from manual processing to automation. The growth of information technology is very high during this 21st century. The advantage of moving towards Information technology is to reduce the workload, faster processing and to reduce human errors. Database is a collection of data which is neatly organized, which can be easily managed, accessed and updated. Simply, it is a collection of logically related data.

In an organization, the database is considered as asset of the company. Database must be prevented from attacks and should be secured tightly. Web Enabled database is a database with web interface for accessing the data. As the internet grown popular, web enabled database also gaining its name over the traditional database. Usage of Database: Security Forces Management Information System (SFMIS) is one of the databases used in the department of defense (Department of Air Force [DAF], 2001). SFMIS is used by active guard, reserve and other force units in the department of defense.

SFMIS was developed by HQ Standard Systems Group, Maxwell AFB-Gunter Annex AL and Scientific Applications International Corporation. The SFMIS replaced the old manual legacy system. This database would be very useful for recording every defense incidents. Using the SFMIS, the Department of defense can guarantee that they have up to date information about all the incidents. SFMIS is integrated with many other combat systems so that it can be used at any time regardless of war or peace. SFMIS system is developed with inline rules of privacy act. SFMIS database also serves for the purpose of making better decision.

Managerial decision can be made easier with the past records and queries in the SFMIS System. Some of the common responsibilities of SFMIS database are as follows • SFMIS maintains and stores the statistical data which is used by the Department of Defense. All the maintenance operations are performed under the Defense Manpower Data Center. It contains details about the various incidents which would be very useful for executive and legislative purposes (DAF, 2001). • The information can be extracted to any form which suites for making better decisions and it also used by many other departments for proceeding the incident investigations.

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The information from various sources is consolidated into a single database which would be very helpful making logically related decisions. SFMIS is the web based database. It can be accessed from any part of the world where there is support for internet. Availability is very high in the web enabled databases. SFMIS requires very minimal hardware configuration for its execution. It maintains basic details for case reporting, confinement, administration and other specific details. Security is the important metrics to be considered and it is also to be evaluated for better performance and safeguarding.

Internet is often vulnerable to all kind of attacks like viruses, hacking etc. Since the database is a web enabled more security features are needed. SFMIS is equipped with security features like password for authentication, encrypted data transfer etc. SFMIS can be integrated with many other databases for obtaining better results. The integration procedure is simplified and it can be executed very easily. SFMIS has its own online manual for better understanding of the product and its various usages. SFMIS works well with the Netscape navigator browser.

THEMIS is another database which is used by the department of defense for analyzing the vital information. SFMIS can be accessed with the valid authentication mechanism. The information stored in the database can be analyzed with various data mining tools to extract the required information. The SFMIS guarantees the need for the Department of defense and it is used inline with the department of justice. SFMIS uses various other tools for harvesting the outside data for making better decision. Data stored in the SFMIS database is subjected to privacy act and the security parameters are well designed to suit the department of defense.

System administration should be there to monitor and reporting changes in the SFMIS Database. The Database records vital information from Defense Incident-Based Reporting System and National Incident-Based Reporting System. Future Recommendations: Since the main scope of the SFMIS database is to have the up to date information about all the information, it can be optimized for the mobile version. Multilevel authentication can also be implemented for high security. It must be integrated with all other departments for making better decisions.

SFMIS keeps improving on its several versions and it must to be improved to suit the requirements of defense department. Conclusion: Databases are used in many fields ranging from small scale industries to science and research organizations. Databases are almost used in all the applications. With proper maintenance of the database, the organization can reap the huge number of benefits from it. The uses cannot be limited. The database can be integrated with many other applications to harvest more data. However, database should not violate the organization policies and rules.


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