An increase in states weapons and military manpower can increase a states military power top a point that the neighboring countries fear the potential of an offensive attack. To safeguard themselves therefore these threatened states increase their weaponry and military manpower, this has a resultant effect of diminishing the security of the original state . This increase in danger reached to a point that catalyzes an arms race at exorbitant costs to match or militarily outdo the neighbors national security.

This increase only serves to promote the threat of a preemptive attack . Such fears might force the threatened nation to carry out preemptive attack in order to neutralize the perceived threat to its existence. The increase of military power particularly by a dominant power draws great suspicion. At the national and even at the global level increases in security only serves to create a security h dilemma. Investments in security is supposed to help deter any attack but on the contrary, it only serves to increase the probability of an attack.

The concept of safety is purely inclined on the military power of a country, the more militarily superior and safe a nation feels the more the more its opponents will feel safe because they do not have to additionally arm themselves to thwart any possibility of an attack. However the less secure we feel the the moire we arm ourselves creating a positive feed back system where my opponents are force do arm themselves as well. This causes a security dilemma fueling conflicts all over the world.

For example the conflict of the United states and the Soviet Union during then cold war, Israel and Palestine never ending conflict and the South and North Korea military standoffs. (Rattray. 2004). Security dilemma therefore creates an external motivation leading to arms race and proliferation of weapons. Other factors include the type of regime in power, the stability of a nation , An element of prestige and economic status has also been found to to increase the proliferation of arms.

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The Newly Independent States are a common ground for arms proliferation because sever domestic problems generated by arms that remained within their borders during the cold war, internal conflicts caused by power struggle, economic difficulties, loss of effective boarder control and extreme case of corruption and embezzlement of funds. It is therefore important that before the concept of security dilemma is therefore blamed on arms proliferation, individual state behavior and the complexity of other possible motivations should be analyzed.

Economic assistance, technological assistance and institutional building are key to combating arms proliferation. There are various problems in arms proliferation. Societies that had hitherto been very peaceful are now faced with violence due to uncontrolled spread and use of these weapons. These societies become destabilized, ravaged by war, poverty and environmental degradation. There are millions of rifles and an Assortment of military weapons in the hands of civilians, criminals and militant groups fighting for the control of regions.

Small disputes that had earlier been solved bu mediation are now being solved by military force living millions of civilians dead and their livelihoods destroyed. Poachers in countries that are endowed with wildlife resources now use the readily available artilleries in their poaching activities. (Rattray. 2004). These weapons get into the hands of drug cartels and organized criminals. The availability of these cheap weapons has led to the growth of strong unregulated weapons market.

These markets supply weapons to illegitimate organizations and militants further fueling destabilization of economies. New arms production by superior economies and unregulated supply to their allies is another source of this proliferation. A number of theories have put forward. Strategic ambiguity is one such theory. Deliberate creation of ambiguity by many countries about there capacity and capability is specifically detrimental to the world peace. Inspections and ascertainment of a countries military power should be encouraged.


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