E-commerce has considerable potential to lead to generation of value in business operations. The decision on whether to employ and open or stringent e-commence system should be based on the nature of a business which involves consideration on the business environment and the nature of the segment that an organization operates in. Open Vs Stringent E-commerce A number of pros and cons are inherent of each of the approaches and decisions made should be developed in a manner that is appreciative of the effects that it could have on the organization with respect to generation of value.

An open e-commerce systems is what can be referred to as a user friendly system that has few security or no validation protocols (Tuomi, 2006). Open systems come with the advantages of usability and low initial implementation costs. However, a con of open e-commerce systems is their being prone to hacking and other forms of e-commerce systems violation (Goetsch, & Davis, 2005). Such violations are not only negative to the reputation of the organization but could also present critical practical risks to information regarding customers and organizational finances.

An open system though usable can easily be hacked into which presents a key security threat that if realized by customers may negatively affect the reputation that Grandmas Treats has managed to attain. A stringent system is laden with complicated security protocols that not only discourage hackers but also reduce their chance of gaining access to vital information regarding the organization operations (Tuomi, 2006). It is evident that the level of usability that can be attained by such a system and the cost involved in installation and maintenance may place considerable strain on Grandmas Treats resources.

The usability is largely reduced by the multiple validation systems that are inherent of stringent e-commerce systems which may demoralize the buyers. Solution Extremely open or stringent systems should not be sought by Grandmas Treats. The need for usability and privacy of both organizational and customer data are critical success factors in Grandmas Treats e-commerce venture and must therefore be included in any objective solution. Validation and security systems that are of considerable complexity are inherent of any e-commerce system due to the high activity of hackers (Stewart, & Tittel, 2005).

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Owing to the high levels of competition in hospitality segment and e-commerce it is important that usability be attained by any e-commerce system for it adds up to customer satisfaction. Luckily for Grandmas Treats technology provides programming systems that can be used in ensuring high level of secrecy that is transparent to the end user (Dahlgaard, Kanji, & Kristensen, 2005). This should be harnessed by Grandmas Treats in ensuring both the reputation and usability of e-commerce systems is maintained.

An important factor that should not be forgotten is ensuring that available technology is assessed and any development noted to determine how well e-commerce systems can be implemented and maintained. Technology should be considered a platform for implementation and not a route to efficiency (Tuomi, 2006). By ensuring that the initial e-commerce system is developed in a manner that is appreciative of changes in technology and the effects that technology has on reputation and the levels of usability that can be attained, maintenance will be made easy and challenges relating to technology changes will easily be ported into the existing systems.

Conclusion There is no correct or wrong approach to e-commerce implementation as long as the required validation mechanisms are in place. The ability to determine the actual needs of an organization in implementing an e-commerce systems and harness existing technologies play a role in defining the right approach. Grandmas Treats must implement a stringent system that is presented to the consumers as open to be in line with the critical success factors in e-commerce implementation. The cost of such an approach is countered by the tangible and intangible benefits that the organization will generated.


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