In e-business, security is one of the most fundamental aspects. For the case of Grandma’s Treat system with insufficient security, hackers will be able to get into the system and have access to the financial records, customer information and other confidential information. In addition to that they can introduce viruses such as Malware, bombs, denial-of-service and many others. With a virus like denial-of-service in the Grandma’s Treats system, the consumers and business associates will not be able to access the Grandma’s Treats website and this may lead to closure of the business.

Inefficient and unreliable website may lead to loss of customers and business associates since their needs are not met at the appropriate time. The Grandma’s Treats website therefore requires sufficient and affordable security. The best way to ensure that the Grandma’s Treat website is properly secure is by utilization of Secured Hypertext Transfer Protocol (S-HTTP). The website will be constructed using the S-HTTP protocol but transactions will be conducted using the Transport Layer Security (TLC) or the Secured Socket Layer (SSL) protocol.

S-HTTP will ensure that data is secured throughout the Grandma’s Treats system as it is composed of mechanisms that ensures confidentiality, integrity and authentication are adequately maintained (Shostack, 1995). It is designed in a way that it enables each message transmitted to be encapsulated through encryption, signing or by MAC based authentication. For the Grandma’s Treats website, through encryption, data will be transformed in a way that only the Grandma’s Treats system will be allowed to decrypt it.

The system will therefore be protected from unauthorized entry and other illegal activities. In terms of virus protection installation of firewalls is essential. Firewalls will be helpful in preventing viruses and hackers from accessing the Grandma’s Treat system. Hybrid firewalls are normally the best for ensuring security, however, in this case one firewall will be enough and this should be the proxy firewall.

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The proxy firewall allows exchange of information through the internet and in cases where many users are utilizing the system the speed of web browsing is not affected thereby assuring all users efficient information accessibility (Codemiles, 2008). Another issue is Credit Card fraud which the Grandma’s Treat system should manage continuously. All the customer profiles should be stored in secured places and in addition to that they should be updated regularly. This will be helpful in communicating with the customers regarding their account details when need arises.

In terms of authenticity of the security certificates, the web page will be composed of a certificate that establishes its security status. However, it is crucial to ensure that the web page matches with what the certificate has certified. In addressing such an issue certificate authorities that provide guarantee on certificate authenticity will be useful. VeriSign do provide quality services but are usually expensive when compared with other certificate authorities such as network solutions.

Therefore in hosting the Grandma’s Treats website, Network solution will be utilized since they provide affordable services and also provide guarantee for security certificates (Network solution, 2009). Furthermore, the software components are very important in ensuring security of the Grandma’s Treat website. Prior to utilization of software components, it is essential to ensure that the assessment is conducted in a strategic and comprehensive manner. This will enable detection of weak software which might render the Grandma’s Treat system vulnerable to security breaches.

In addition, development and implementation of policies is important. Policies that ensure privacy, confidentiality and integrity are maintained will be adopted. This will ensure that the website and customer information are adequately secured. In conclusion, the security of Grandma’s Treat website is very important and should therefore be maintained adequately. In spite of availability of affordable security for the Grandma’s Treat website, it is vitally important to ensure that there are enough funds in future since the company is expected to grow and expand.



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