Web administrators can integrate Windows Server 2003 with Internet Information Services (IIS) or Apache. Apache and IIS form the most commonly deployed Web Severs on both private and public or shared intranets. While IIS has long been one of the most common Web Servers deployed, security problems and occasional weak points have been identified on servers on which it is installed. By default, Web servers are open to the Internet except in cases when they are used for accessing intranet. This therefore makes them vulnerable to attacks from hackers (WindowsSecurity. com, 2010).

Microsoft improved the original IIS to IIS 6. 0 and the integration of Windows Server 2003 and IIS 6. 0 makes IIS less vulnerable to attacks. Windows Server 2003 Standard, Datacenter edition or Enterprise has IIS 6. 0 included in it but does not install by default. One of the most security features of Windows Server 2003 is the URL authorization. For IIS 6. 0 to have this security feature, the Windows Server 2003 Authorization Manager has to be enabled. This then makes the IIS to be more secure with the integration of IIS with Windows Server 2003 (WindowsSecurity. com, 2010).

Logical and physical Active Directories provide ways of designing structures of directories that address the needs of an organization. Choosing the type of Active Directories, either logical or physical is depended on the business operations and structure of organizations. Depending on whether the organization is centralized or decentralized, the importance of physical and logical Active Directories will be relative. While this observation has been made by some experts, deployment of active directories by logical structure also depends on the physical structure for implementation or deployment (WindowsSecurity. om, 2010). .

The logical active directory depends on the physical database which is stored in a forest of the entire domain controllers. The active directory data served to handle every access to the database which consists of the physical files and the services. It should be noted that the physical files and the services make available the directory which manage various data writing and reading processes in each controller. Therefore, having both physical and logical active directory deployments present features which are critical for storage and structural architecture.

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