One of the today’s most widely used search engines over the World Wide Web is Google. To understand the value and efficiency of using Google and to identify the extent of its disparity from other search engines, I have decided to search some keywords using Google and other rival search engines. After visiting the homepage of Google: http://www. google. com, I keyed in the word “technology” in the search box located in the topmost corner of the web page. Apparently, there are 624,000,000 results generated within the search duration of 0. 7 seconds under the Web category. Aside from the Web category, there are other categories as well such as News, Blogs, Images, Books, Groups, Products, Maps, Finance, Video, and Scholar.

Clicking each link, situated just above the results, redirected me to a different web page, each containing: related news articles (322,678 results within 0. 78 seconds), blog domains or entries (13,920,560 results within 0. 14 seconds), pictures (128,000,000 results within 0. 09 seconds), books (224,600 results within 0. 1 seconds), groups (224,000 results), products such as books or gadgets (3,185,718 results with 0. 78 seconds), maps to technological institutes (12,975,981 results), financial corporations and mutual funds (20,000 results), videos (91,926 results within 0. 053 seconds), and scholarly articles and journals, and even including peer-reviewed articles (18,900,000 results within 0. 78 seconds), respectively. Google also features sponsored links that can be found in a separate corner at the right side of the web page.

The results of the search were simply links to websites with articles, books, blogs, and any other types of published information and varying file extensions that uses the word “technology” as an article title, topic, heading, web address, etc. Moreover, the results were arranged in a way that reputable web sites, such as news providers and the likes, comes first before the least reliable ones. As internet users realize the apparent value or importance of search engines.

However, the number of links or results generated, in particular, characterizes the value of Google. In addition, the number of results a search engine generates depends upon the total number of web sites that link to the search engine for visibility to online users. The search speed of Google is also fast despite the huge number of links it generates. Another distinct feature of Google are other specialized services that it provides for specific searches, aside from the News, Blogs, Maps, etc.

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These are Google Labs, Google Documents, Google Reader, and Google Scholar. Google also provides not just simply . html documents, but also other file types such as . pdf, . doc, . ppt, and excel. The results are also ranked in order of relevance, meaning the most significant links are displayed first. Moreover, it is available in many languages aside from English. Taking a closer look, there is a big difference in search results between Google and Google Scholar.

Google simply generates all the web sites that are linked to the World Wide Web related to the keyword, in this case, the word “technology. ” On the other hand, Google Scholar displays scholarly articles or articles that were written by scholars or professionals. It also provides links to journals, e-journals, e-magazines, and the likes. The Google scholar is a powerful and dependable tool for conducting research studies as the results that can be obtained from it may be used as references or works cited without worrying about the accuracy or truthfulness of the sources.

The most useful tool in searching specific topics using Google depends upon the purpose and the desired result of the online user. To be more specific, if I wanted to search news articles about technology, then I would have to browse through the results under the News link. For research requiring reliable sources, it is best to visit the Google Scholar web page. Google adapts to varying needs of online users, thus making in itself the single most valuable tool in searching.


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