Screening is the integral element of any healthcare activity. The spreading of infectious diseases, the need to prevent the development of serious medical conditions, and the necessity to investigate and eliminate depression, mental illnesses or violence are successfully identified through screening. Screening is a set of procedures that can be rapidly applied to determine an unidentified disease or medical state. “Healthcare providers can play an important role in a coordinated response to violence and mental illnesses.

The role of healthcare professionals is particularly important in rural areas, where other avenues of relief may be limited” (Waalen et al, 2000). As healthcare provider I am concerned about the well-being of my patients; that is why I cannot neglect the importance of screening depression, domestic violence (DV) or suicide, and developing effective interventions. Screening is not always comfortable; frequently, primary healthcare providers lack the needed expertise to screen mental illnesses, depression / suicide, or domestic violence.

The major barriers to comfortable screening include lack of appropriate professional and psychological training; lack of time; and lack of effective interventions (Waalen et al, 2000). Healthcare providers are frequently unaware of the means to address patient-related factors (e. g. fear of offending the patient). Thus, to ensure that screening is comfortable and professional, healthcare providers require additional training.

Waalen et al (2000) and Healthlink (2000) support this assumption: for example, Medical College of Wisconsin has created a three-hour training program for healthcare providers who participate in screening. Healthcare providers should be especially cautious when asking sensitive questions; for example, the study by Zink et al (2006) has revealed the need for women to answer sensitive questions alone when screened for domestic violence. Evidently, healthcare providers need more training. Screening will be more effective if “screening strategies include training in addition to provider education” (Waalen et al, 2000).

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