The following paper presents a visual analysis of a few animated films. It has been carried out keeping in mind the type of techniques used, along with the style in which the storyline has been pictured, how one movie differs from the other with respect to the animations. The movies to be compared include Education For Death (1943), Hare-Um Scare-Um (1939), Elmers Candid Camera (1940), A Wild Hare (1940), Barber of Seville (1944), Tee for Two (1945), Mechanical Monsters (1942), Horton Hatches The Egg (1942) and Little Rural Riding Hood(1949).

The common thing in these movies is that all of them are cartoon movies. The production houses for these movies are 4 of the major ones, namely, MGM, Disney, Warner Brothers and Fleisher Studio. These production houses have been famous in producing quality work for a long time. Analysis: The first comparison would be on Hare-Um Scare-Um, Elmer’s Candid Camera, A Wild Hare, The Barber of Seville and Horton Hatches the Egg. All the movies are from the same production house, except for Barber of Seville which belongs to Lantz Studio.

All the movies are short and are categorized as comedy ones. One of the major differences among the movie would be the effect of a different production house and the year in which they were produced. Sine all are short films, so it is not necessary that all were able to present the story as it should be and in a way in which the interest of the audience would stay till the end. The most famous and well done movies among the mentioned above are Horton Hatches the Egg and A wild Hare. The wild hare has a famous character being used from the Looney Toons, i. e. the bugs bunny.

The major reason for the wild hare hitting the box office is the plot and the known characters being used. The screen play of both the movies is quite appealing to the audiences. Horton Hatches an Egg uses a good color scheme which makes its screen play more soothing to the eyes. Next the two movies which could be compared with respect tot their overall rating can be the Barber of Seville and Hare-Um Scare-Um. Both the movies have a slower plot which makes them a bit down in the rating. Although both use a well known production house and characters to put there story to screen.

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The picture quality of the Barber of Seville is much better than hare-um scare-um because of the difference of the year in which the movie were brought to the box office. The sound tracks of the movie and the sounds used are also good to hear are making a complete match with the movie. The only thing that makes hare-um scare-um much famous is the production house, as what so ever the state of Lantz Studio be; it could never touch the mark of Warner Brothers. The last movie, Elmer’s Candid Camera, is also a Warner Brothers production, but it did not get along the way as the other movies did.

It lost its spot on the box office as it could not be market well and was not much liked by the audiences. Rabbit: What are you taking pictures of? Elmer Fudd: A wabbit. Rabbit: [Looks over Elmer’s shoulder] What rabbit? Elmer Fudd: Why, that little gway wabbit over… over… over there. [Grabs the rabbit up to his face] Rabbit: Please, sir! Gosh, I don’t even know the guy! (Elmer’s Candid Camera, 1940). Tee for two is a short family movie which focused on golfing. This famous Hanna Barbera movie featured the famous Tom and Jerry.

This movie is a brilliant piece of art which has been shot flawlessly and is one of the best short films I have come across. Although shot brilliantly the movie displays violence which ranges from the use of Jerry as a tee to other mischief’s that portray the act of bullying. Such acts can easily influence young children who can easily involve in such activities. These violent acts which at one end will be seen as hilarious activities are actually very attractive for younger audiences who start considering such activities as being fun.

In comparison Little Rural Ridding Hood from the Tex Avery portrays a parody of the country mouse and the town mouse is a simple comedy and does not display any sort of violence and can be viewed by all. Although both the movies are an MGM production there is a vast difference between the two. One displayed entertainment through violence while the other was a simple parody. The Mechanical Monsters is a Fleischer Studio production. This movie is Sci Fi featuring the famous Superman. The movie was fun, fast and full of action, with a lot of violence being displayed.

This movie dealt more with Sci Fi and unrealistic powers such as the use of X-ray vision by Superman. On the other hand Education for Death is Walt Disney wartime propaganda which looks into the mind of a young boy born in a German family during the WWII. This movie portrays very little value for the human life, the values degrade over time. Where one movie in form of Superman aims at protecting human lives by fighting evil, Education for Death deals with no value for human life. The child in Education for Death sees Hitler as his idol.

The Education for Death is close to real life incidents which may influence younger audiences negatively, while the Mechanical Monsters deals with Sci Fi action which is fun for the whole family. Conclusion: Although all the animations are different from one another, the best that I like was the “Mechanical Monsters”. This movies gives a message to the children which speaks about valuing human life also it gives a message “with great power comes great responsibility”. It also gives a message in form the children should stand up for what is right and try to fight wrong to the fullest in what ever way possible.


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