Scoops ice cream begins with innovation. The Scoops brand of Ice creams was introduced in 1989 by the Haridwar Group as a strategy to introduce quality ice cream exclusively at their group of hotels. Inspired by the tremendous response from hotels, they started supplying to other group of hotels and some reputed caterers of twin cities. The immense popularity the brand earned in the early period of its introduction laid the foundation for what was to be a truly remarkable story of success and sweetness.

By franchising outlets Scoops was then able to capture a significant market share and has become the undisputed leader in the super premium Ice Cream segment. World-class production techniques and machinery has been brought from Italy to further strengthen the quality of the products and increase in production. Scoops have emerged as pioneer in using improved techniques and strategies to change the way ice cream is consumed.

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Newer strategies such as “Temptations” have been introduced to bring new flavors and products to the actual customer. In keeping with the strategy to continuously evolve as a brand name, the company in 2003 launched a concept of ice cream parlors named “Temptations”, to provide its customers not only quality ice cream but also the right ambience to relax with a purpose of enriching the overall experience of enjoying ice cream.

Starting with the cities of Hyderabad and Bangalore, “Temptations” stores are conveniently located and are done up in soothing and appealing color combinations with importance on functionality, appeal and comfort to provide customers with the most enjoyable outdoor ice cream eating experience. The stores are being launched mainly as company outlets to control the feel that is generated from visiting the outlet and create a uniform appeal throughout various locations.

The concept is based on displaying the full range of ice cream that Scoops makes in one place and to bring the brand closer to its end user, that is the customer. Scoops have successfully achieved a reputable brand name in circles such as Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra with a vision to expand in many other circles in the country. With innovative strategies such as “Near to Customer” and “Dear to Dealer” Scoops has been able to market its products effectively, evident in our partnership with South Central Railways, the Taj Group of Hotels, the ITC group and numerous other hotels and public places.

The scoops is well equipped with sophisticated imported Italian machinery to meet the latest demands, and the quality controlled by well-trained dairy technologists who are well versed with the production methods and have a professional marketing department. Our products are innovative and rich in quality. For many years, our ice cream products have satisfied and delighted the changing tastes of the Indian consumers. We have a team of hard working people, serving you from place to place with the most delicious products.