A Science Fair I Have Visited

My elder brother who studies in BUET recently invited me to pay a visit to their campus on the occasion of a science fair. Accordingly, I went there and enjoyed a lot. What I saw was a fantastic arrangement of exhibits of all kinds of scientific experiments done both by the students of BUET and by students of other science institutions. The exhibition was being held in a 4-storeyed building. On the ground floor we saw many posters of great scientists of the world like Newton, Einstein, and Prof. Abdus Salam. Some of the wall papers contained memorable statements on the importance of science.

The third floor had the most interesting practical exhibits to show. The students of BUET had arranged it. All their exhibitions were the result of their laboratory experiment. One object drew my attention. It was about the optical illusion. A small iron ball was shown to be travelling upward on a narrow plank of board, without any additional help. Later, I realised that the board was originally set with the upside end actually lower than the downside end, for which reason it gave the illusion that the ball was rolling upward, when actually it was gliding down.

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In the aviation room they put blown up pictures of Apollo 11 making its historic voyage to the moon. In the fair I gathered almost up-to-date information about the development of Physics, Chemistry, Medical Science and Technology. Indeed, the science fair increased our zeal about scientific facts. We feel that we must know more about the mysteries of nature. A science fair has a great educative value. I spent full six hours visiting the science fair and learning and enjoying a world of new things. It has left a deep impression on my mind.