While the School Food Service Company provides quality food at an affordable cost to schools, sales will increase if the company demonstrates that it provides a product that is healthier, cheaper, and more easily distributed. I believe that individually packaged meals can do just that.

What is this product and how is it produced?

• Our company will pre-package meals composed of a variety of healthy foods. In much the same way as caterers produce mass amounts of individually packaged meals for airlines; our company will create individually packaged meals for school kids. What is special about this proposal, however, is that each package will have properly proportioned meals that comply with the most up-to-date nutrition research. There will be a variety of meal types ranging from salads to chicken to vegetarian options with each meal containing a protein, healthy starch, vegetables, and fruit. Each meal will represent a well balanced diet for growing kids.

• To prepare these packages, we will need to make several key changes to our production methodology:

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o We must hire nutritionists to create a list of balanced meals that will be produced by the company.

o Then we must hire additional workers to pre-portion and package the meals. The current machinery will still be useful although the additional hands will be necessary in order to ensure proper final packaging.

o While this may seem like significant additional costs on the company, the long term payoffs will cover the initial costs to hire the additional workers.

Why this product will be beneficial to customers?

• Health Benefits:

o Studies show that children who are overweight between ages of 10 and 13 are 80% more likely to become obese as adults. (http://www.aacap.org/AACAP/Families_and_Youth/Facts_for_Families/Facts_for_Families_Pages/Obesity_In_Children_And_Teens_79.aspx). In an age of child obesity, growing child diabetes rates, and determinations by policy-makers to focus on promoting healthy eating habits in schools, administrations are re-evaluating the food services they provide in order to increase healthy eating and promote healthy habits.

? Pre-portioned, pre-packaged meals provide a perfect solution to the growing social and political pressure. Students would receive healthy foods in healthy amount at school.

? Pre-portioned, pre-packaged meals diminish over-eating at lunch and at the same time teach students about healthy food choices in proper proportions; lessons that will influence eating habits throughout their lives.

? Additionally, healthy eating leads to better behavior. When students are not eating as much sugary, processed food, they are less-likely to crash later on in the day and act out of turn. Eating healthily helps students manage and mitigate stress, ultimately helping them focus and perform better in class. This will help promote a better learning environment for students.

? School is a forum for educating children on how to think and act in the future. This should not change when it comes to understanding proper eating habits at lunchtime.

• Cost Benefits:

o As the cost of school operation increases, additional funds accumulated by implementing this program, will allow administrations to provide additional extra-curricular activities such as sports teams and art lessons without negating the quality of food or cutting other programs.

? Individually packaged meals decrease the number of cafeteria staff necessary to prepare and distribute lunch to students as the meals simply need to be heated and distributed within the package eliminating dishes, flatware and presentation time.

? Reducing the number of staff needed to prepare and present lunches will increase the amount of funds available for food. Because our company will need to hire more workers to prepare the food, the cost of our product will increase, however, that increase will be less than the school’s staffing costs resulting in a net savings for the schools.. Accordingly, schools will not mind devoting additional funds to slightly more expensive meals as they will ultimately save.


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