School is something important in our lives because you learn and you prepare to your future, but there is a problem, that students can not learn, pay attention or be productive because the school starts too early, should the school start later?, yes, and this are the 3 reasons why.Students fall asleep at school.A lot of students fall asleep during the first periods of class due they wake up in the morning too early to go to school, the National Sleep Foundation reported that 28%  of teenagers have fallen asleep at class at least once due to lack of sleep, not just this foundation, the University of Kentucky found that when Fayette County High Schools change their start time by one hour, the percent of students sleeping 8 to 10 hours jumped from 35.7% to 50%, also 2 years after Fayette County’ s school start time the crash rate of teenagers students drivers dropped 16.5%.Improves academic performances.Students improve their academic performances when they are active and ready to learn but that does not happen at the first hours of class due they are tired because the school starts too early, in October 2014, the American Academy of Pediatrics ( AAP ) says that schools may start after 8:30, because they help improve their scores, also the AAP revealed that that the puberty causes a ” phase delay”   in the teenagers their sleep is delay 2 or more hours.But not only the schools organizations recommend this, Laurence Epstein, a medical director of Sleep Health Centers in Massachusetts says that sleep 8 to 10 hours can improve the qualifications of the students.Students are more active.Students are more active and prepared to learn when they sleep their adequate hors and that all can be if the schools start later, so they can sleep good and get ready to learn, it is not just me, in fact, the Minneapolis, Minnesota school district found that when the starting time change to one hour later the attendance improve and the energy of the students.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) says that the students are more focused and active when schools start later, CDS also proves that the students are more productive due the school start time.In conclusion, I think that the school start time should start later due the lack of sleep, the students are more productive and active in class time; otherwise, the school is a important part of our lives and sleep is too, a lot of organization has prove that students are better when school start time begins later, we can not lose this opportunities.