Sansiri Because of the unstoppable development which makes

Sansiri is one of the largest real estate developer in Thailand offering a full range of housing units. Sansiri was founded in 1984. The company has been listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand since 1996 and now on assets 77,658.58 million bath and net Profit Margin 8.85% increase when compared with earlier year. Sansiri focuses on exclusively mid-city condominiums for sale and for rent. In 1999, the company underwent a major expansion into the development of landed properties with the launch of the first single-detached housing project. With over 33 years of experience and hundreds of projects across Thailand, Sansiri is widely regarded as Thailand’s leading developer of quality houses, condominiums, and townhouses. Well-made homes constructing meticulously designed, Sansiri was strived to continuously improve the quality of life of customer residents. Although, Real estate industry is always changing and generated new competitors company in every day but Sansiri still the top rang of real estate company because of the continuous improvement, Sansiri’s developer always seek the new opportunity to reputation about Sansiri technology for the meet with customer desire in modern time.Nowadays, Sansiri adds more appearance feature for a new generation that is called smart living by combining the technology with customer lifestyles, For example, Farm-shelf; a customer can control the growth of a plant by application, Smart-Locker; a customer can pick up the mail or a parcel by QR code. Because of the unstoppable development which makes Sansiri become the top rung of real estate company. Moreover, Sansiri is also Thailand’s fully integrated property developer, providing comprehensive services that go far beyond those of traditional developers. For the Subsidiaries of Sansiri. First, Plus Property is real estate service provider, engaging in two primary business areas: Agency about real estate brokerage services, project sales management, and professional consultancy. And facility management of comprehensive real estate management services. Second, Escape hotel part of  Sansiri collection, Located on the best beachfront in Hua Hin and surrounded by lush mountains in Khao Yai. Third, Habito local shopping mall at Sukhumvit 77, provide nature sense of community with its lush, green environment and wholesome range of organic options. Fourth, Quintessentially lifestyle membership provides exclusive access to privileges. As a global private members’ club, offering award-winning concierge and lifestyle management services for the world’s most discerning people.            In my job position is marketing product(MP), we can say this role is conductor cooperated and owner of the project, We must meet with all assistance who involving the project such as architecture, interior, constructer, and marketing communication for the shape the project in term of the cost investment, design, functional and the process of promoting in the project. Firstly, business developer will seek the estate to build the condominium after that they’ll send the location, information to marketing product(MP) for analysis about preliminary and feasibility of project; MP must be observed in actual area to seeking the opportunity, go to other projects competitor for observation and analysis, research about legal provision and try to find the strength of estate for create the proper strategy. Moreover, MP will calculate the breakeven point of project and classify type of estate(Type A; Luxury, B; Mid-Luxury, C; Standards), Secondly, MP will meet with the designer of discussing all of needs and desires for the new building, develop and refine a vision including both aesthetically and functionally for the project. Thirdly, MP will set the price of the unit(room) and analyst about sale strategy prices promotion and incentive also the sale preparation including brief information to marketing communication and agency. Lastly, If project encounter with some problem such as, the price of the property is high that make client didn’t satisfy or the project not able to meet the company monthly sales target so MP will find the solution to solve all problem which happened. In another word, the duty of marketing product is incumbency to find the best possible result for the project not only in term of building, company but also in term of marketing and privilege of the customer as well.