While most speculation or rumors are always regarded to be both disinformation and misinformation, it is has been viewed as means for communication concepts. When the US assumes the world power status, it led to an increased security problems. Being the only one most suited to lead the international economic system, its power entails various speculations including governmental and political secrecy and suspicion. Such suspicions gives rise to speculations which create anticipation resulting in preventive measures using private security forces for government installations and secrets protection.

The fears coming from speculations allow former FBI Agent George R. Wachenhut to found the Wachenhut Corporation, considered to be the biggest private security contractors in the US. Speculation, as compared to propaganda, is disseminated straight to handpicked audiences. During the process, the details of the rumors or speculations maybe gradually overlooked but the embellishments of it are more likely to sharpen the initial messages after repeated retellings.

Rumors and speculations were also used advantageously by the German and British PSYWAR practitioners before and throughout World War II. Ultimately, the reduction of crime except those incapacitating offenders, works using a modification tactic to the construction of a presenting opportunity. Successful rehabilitation programs would have an impact on those former offenders who overlooks the fact to be personally relevant. Deterrent programs known to be successful perform using a modification in the presumed results of acting on a known opportunity.

Those opportunity reduction programs that have succeeded in the past reconfigure environments to remove any opportunities. An opportunity is a realistic perception of circumstances that develop an opportune action. When the strategies for crime reduction succeeds, they work mostly because of changes in perception gathered on speculations. The perceptual justification of speculation in which the community benefits on its anticipatory outcomes have been vaguely reflected in its evaluation.

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If speculation for prevention is central, crime rate change will go with changed perception instead of changed practice. In a high crime community, when rumors or speculations relevant to a possible crime and government destabilization are spread using the media, it is inherent for the government to act upon it regardless of whether the speculation are proven to be true. Such immediate action would cause the society to anticipate for the possible event thereby the anticipation will change the mechanics in which the crime might have been originally planned.

The benefits which society can get from anticipation include the motivation of police personnel in the community to make a successful initiative which reflects itself into a better job done in prior to the initiative itself, the effect of preparation-anticipation in which the instrument for crime is deemed to be operational by motivated offenders, and the effect of speculation whereby hidden measures are assumed to exist due to a rumor. Today, the increasing complexity of modern technology such as internet, wireless money transference and other negotiable instruments are all catalysts for private security growth.

Even internet virus which has not yet happened, yet already widely broadcasted in the media, is sure to alert internet users to be fully equipped with internet security and anti-virus programs. Rumors and speculations are not at all bad especially in a community which is rampant of crime and terror. They actually serve as our stimulus for an immediate defense mechanism. In the purpose of community where crime and terror exists, there is a definite structure upon which rumors and speculation occurs in consideration of the factor of anticipation and assumptions that could greatly affect the plans of the crime offenders.


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