The Royal Family: No Longer Relevant

The British Royal Family has existed for many hundreds of years. They were once the rulers of Britain, now they are just figureheads or role models for people to aspire to be like. The Royal Family once could have ruled the country how they wished; they would change laws, taxes and would make decisions on wars. However, in recent times, the Royal Family have been stripped of all but ceremonial powers. Their role of leadership no longer exists. Nevertheless, the Royal Family are still supported financially by their country’s residents.

As a democratic society, Britain’s parliament makes the integral decisions on how the country should be run. Members of parliament are voted in by the public. In recent years, debate has been had on whether the Monarchy should be abolished. The Royal Family have played a great and memorable part in British history, which from being children, we are brought up learning. The Royal Family have done great things for Britain and are still doing so, even if they may not be in power. Various members of the Monarchy are involved in charitable work, lending their names and faces to charities campaigns.

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One of the biggest arguments concerning the Monarchy is money and how they are using up public funds. Many people do not see why we should have a figurehead who signifies wealth and privilege. However, many also argue that the part the Royal Family have played in history, combined with the large amount of revenue they create through tourism, outweighs the cons of their existence.

The argument of true democracy is often used in the case of the Monarchy. With Britain being a democratic country, the head of state being an unelected individual undermines the basic values held within democratic societies. The alternative to this would be a system similar to America’s with an elected head of state such as a president.

The Queen is also not only the head of Britain but is also the leader of the Commonwealth. If the monarchy were abolished, our relationship with many other members of the Commonwealth may be affected. This would have mitigating effects on various other aspects of British life such as the economy and trade relations.

National pride also comes into the argument. Many members of the older generation have the upmost respect for the Royal Family. This has been drilled into them from a young age. Nowadays however, much of the younger generation have no respect for the Royal Family whatsoever. They are seen as a useless drain on public funds. In reality however, the public family create more income then they cost through tourism. The cost of public money that is needed to sustain the Royals Family is around £37 million a year, when compared to the £200m they created in 2006/07, we can see that overall, the Monarchy creates more than they take. Even though they are raising incredible amounts of money each year for our country many citizens still object to their role purely due to what they represent.

The members of the Royal Family do incredible amounts of charity work across Britain. Prince William and Prince Harry serve within the armed forces, while the Queen forms and strengthens relationships with other countries. Prince William is also the patron of Centre Point, a charity aiding the homeless of Britain. He works throughout the year working and meeting children and young adults to help understand their difficult circumstances.

The Royal Family have experienced some abuse in recent years from those who wish to abolish them. On a trip to the Royal Albert Hall in London, Prince Charles’s car was attacked by students campaigning against increasing tuition fees. Around 50 years ago, this never would have happened. However on the 29th of April 2010, the entire country came together to celebrate the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. During this time, they have received huge amounts of support from the public. Their marriage is what many Monarchy supporters hope will rejuvenate the Royal Family’s image. In 2011, Kate and William were the most talked about subject in the press worldwide, this Royal love story has obviously won the hearts of the world.

One hundred years ago from people would never dream of suggesting the Royal Family should be abolished. That would be an outrageous comment for any person to make then, but not now. The Royal Family of Britain are still great figureheads for future generations to look up to. In my opinion, it would be ludicrous to get rid of a family who have played in such huge in our history and culture. We now have our democracy. So why can we not keep our Royal Family for the sake of simple British pride.