Romeo and Juliet

At the beginning of the play Juliet is a child like innocent little girl. She does whatever her mother and father tell her to do, I can tell this by when her mother calls her she runs to her mother, and her first words to her mother are ” madam what is your will?” Here she expresses that she is ready to do as she is told. She knows nothing about the world. This is because she has been educated at home. If Juliet does need to go out of the house it is always with the accompany of the nurse or her mother. Juliet is very obedient to her father.

The first rapid change we see within Juliet, the innocent little girl. This happens the minute she meets Romeo. She turns really devious. This all happens after Juliet has kissed Romeo, he is about to set off home. Juliet wants to know what his name is, so she asks the nurse, the names of outher young men before actually asking Romeos name.

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” What’s he that now is going out of door?”

” Marry, that I think be young petruchio”

” What’s he that follows there, that would not dance?” here she is referring to Romeo. When the nurse does not know his name Juliet sends the nurse to go and ask him. When the nurse returns she tells Juliet ” his name is Romeo, and a Montague, the only son of your great enemy”. This is the first step Juliet takes where she starts to develop her changes from an innocent girl to a young lady who has to make a decision for herself. This is where Juliet has to make a decision whether or not to for get Romeo or to still think of him knowing that he is one of her great enemies. This is also one of the decisions she has to make on her own, without her mother or anyone knowing.

Even though she is crafty Juliet is also rather levelheaded. She shows this when Romeo is deeply in love with Juliet and all he talks about in love non-stop. ” With love’s light wings did I o’erperch these, walls, for story limits cannot hold love out: and what love can do, that dares love attempt: therefore the kinsmen are no stop to me”. At this moment Romeo is just to deeply in love, and does not really think of what he is saying or doing. Whereas Juliet is more down to earth, and reminds Romeo if what danger he could be in.

” If they do see thee, they will murder thee”.

It is still the same night she met Romeo, Juliet turns from a child like daughter into a young lady who just does what she feels like doing. This happens when Juliet purposes to Romeo and asks him to send her his answer the next day. At this point Juliet does not really think of what she is doing, Juliet takes things into her own hands and does not bother thinking of the consequences. Juliet does not even ask anyone else before she asks Romeo to marry him, but instead takes matters into her own hands. One other thing that changes about Juliet is that she does not wait for Romeo to bring up the marriage, but brings it up her self. Which is unusual for the girl to be the one that suggests marriage.

After taking matters into her own hands Juliet also becomes very demanding, and impatient, something that you would not expect an na�ve girl to be come like in such short time. ” The clock struck none when I did send the nurse:

In half an hour she promised to return” therefore here Juliet remembers how long the nurse had told she would take and Juliet had remembered, this also shows that Juliet has kept track of time and has been counting each minute the nurse has been. When the nurse does finally return with the answer Juliet does not lat her sit down knowing she is out of breath, she just wants to her the reply back. But the nurse who just wants to play around with Juliet gives her a hard time, by not telling her the answer. When Juliet says ” sweet, sweet, sweet Nurse, tell me, what says my love?” Repeating sweet three times Juliet sweet talks her way back to the nurse, which makes the nurse to give in.

Juliet becomes very romantic and, loving. This is another one of Juliet’s changes after she meets Romeo. ” But to be frank and give it the again:

And yet I wish but for the thing I have. My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep: the more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite”. Juliet here is saying all this to Romeo and expressing her love to him, so much that she says ” my love as deep the more I give to thee” the more love she gives to Romeo ” the more I have for both are infinite” the more never ending love she holds inside her.

“Wilt thou be gone? It is not near day. It was the nightingale, and not the lark” this is when Romeo and Juliet have spent the night in Juliet’s bedroom, mourning has broke but Juliet denies that it is mourning when she says it was the nightingale the bird that comes out at night, and that it was not the lark the bird that comes in the mourning. So here Juliet denies that it is mourning because being with Romeo makes time fly past. Therefore this is where Juliet is not the sensible one, and this is the point where Juliet is in an adoring mood.

Juliet also shows integrity by saying no to her marriage with Paris. This is where she takes things the hard way. What she could have done she could have married Paris and forget all about Romeo as he was banished. But she loved Romeo and took the hard way.

There is another frantic change in Juliet. Being with Romeo has also made her very brave. The first brave aspect we see in Juliet is when she marries her father’s enemy’s son, Romeo. Knowing what can happen to Romeo and her she still takes the big step in marring Romeo. She is also exceedingly brave when she tells her father that she will not marry Paris. ” Not proud you have, but thankful that you have. Proud can I never be of what I hate, but thankful even for hate that is meant love.” This is the first time ever she has disobeyed her father. Making her point loud and clear in saying no to marring Paris.

She is also very brave when she takes the potion. At first she can’t wait to get her hands on the potion, ” give me give me”. Knowing the potion can go wrong and if she does wake before Romeo has got to her. ” When I am laid into the tomb, I wake before the time that Romeo comes to re deem me.” She still takes the potion for her loves sake. Again she is extremely brave when she kills herself when she sees Romeo dead on the floor Juliet sees the dagger as some sort of cover that will protect her from everything that is happing and take her to her Romeo ” O happy dagger! This is thy sheath, there rust, and let me die.”

On the whole I think Juliet does what she does because of the difficulties this feud has caused for her relationship with Romeo. I also think that it is good that Juliet changed throughout the story because if she did stay as an innocent girl she would have never gone as far as marring Romeo. Throughout the whole play every change that she made helped her in many ways. If Juliet did not turn crafty or disloyal to her father she would have never ended up dieing with Romeo.

Romeo and Juliet

In this scene Romeo, Mercutio, Benvolio and five or six torchbearers are going to the Capulet ball. They have not been invited but they are going to ‘gate crash’ the party. At this point Romeo is madly in love with Roseline, and is hoping to see her at the ball. On the way to the ball Mercutio makes fun of Romeo for being in love, and he teases him about it. Then mercutio makes his speech about queen Mab (the fairies midwife).This scene fits in well with the rest of the story, as it is one of the most important scenes, as it is where Romeo meets Juliet. It also adds to the enjoyment and comedy of the play (because of what mercutio says). This scene has direct effect on the story as it relieves some of the tension and seriousness of the play, and it puts the audience into a good mood because of the comedy in the scene.To edit this scene I am going to change it into a very futuristic scene with Mercutio’s speech said over a mobile telephone that allows viewing through the screen. This will make it look more futuristic, and it will make his speech more noticed, because people will be concentrating on what is going on, on the phones they will be listening to what is said. As mercutio says “over men’s noses as they lie asleep” a motion picture of a fairy dancing on a sleeping mans nose will appear. This adds to the comedy and it makes the scene more joyful as well as humorous.The Capulet ball will not be a masked ball like in the story, but it will be an underground rave. There will be much smoke from smoke machines to hide the identities of the Montague’s.There will also be many laser, and special lighting effects to make it look like it’s from the future.It will be set in the future Los Angeles (LA). There will be many high-rise buildings, and it will be very lit up with neon billboards and lasers. As the scene is set in the night, the paving stones on the floor will light up when they are stepped on. There will also be flying cars and motorcycles.This setting is suitable as it will look very advanced in technology and very hi-Tec. It will also look very futuristic, and the city will be split up into different parts. Some of which the capulet’s ‘territory’ and some of which the Montague’s ‘territory’The main roles will be played by very different actors, Romeo will be played by Brad Pitt as he is said to be very handsome, and is loved by many girls. This would make him well suited to the part of Romeo, as he needs to be handsome. Sarah Michelle Gellar would play Juliet, as she is a ‘hit’ with the boys and she would look good alongside Brad Pitt. Nicholas Cage would play Mercutio as he is a very good actor, and he has an evil/wicked look to him, which suits the type of character Mercutio is.All of my characters will be wearing tight, shiny silver suits with flashing lights, and writing scrolling on screens on them. This will help the futuristic look and it will add to the futuristic effect I am looking for. The characters will also be wearing silver leather shoes, and helmets with transparent yellow visors on them.The scene will first appear with a far out shot of the city, with all of the lights glowing and lighting up the night sky. There will also be many high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. The camera will then slowly zoom into a tracking shot of Romeo, as he walks down the street. He then gets a phone call, and he pulls his phone out of his pocket, and on the screen it reads ‘Mercutio calling’. Romeo answers his phone and starts talking normally to Mercutio. The camera then makes a straight cut to Benvolio, and he is stood in a bathroom getting ready for the rave. He then picks up his phone and joins the conversation and says “come, knock and enter, and no sooner in, but every man betake his legs”. He then leaves the conversation and Mercutio makes his speech over the phone as he is walking down the street. While he is saying the speech the camera keeps changing from 3rd to 1st person view of both of the characters. As Mercutio says “over men’s noses as they lie asleep” a motion picture of a fairy dancing on a sleeping man’s nose appears, on Romeo’s screen. Then Benvolio appears on the screen as he is walking down the street. He then meets Romeo and Mercutio at the bottom of a skyscraper.They all start talking to one another, and they are on a tracking shot, as they walk down some very dark ere steps. They reach the bottom of the steps and they quietly enter the rave.Inside the rave there is smoke everywhere so their identities are hidden. The camera keeps switching between different people in the rave as they are talking to each other.Every one then stands up to dance, and this is where Romeo first sees Juliet. This is shown by a first person view of her (from Romeo’s eyes). It shows a fast tracking shot of Romeo and Juliet dancing. Romeo then kisses Juliet and the camera slowly rotates around them.They then stop dancing and the camera goes back to changing between people talking. Tybalt then becomes very unhappy about Montague’s being in the Capulet rave, and starts complaining to Lord Capulet. He draws his gun and aims it at Romeo, but he is commanded to put his gun down. They carry on arguing about the Capulets. This part will be done with different streaks of light leaving parts of them in shadow.There is then another straight cut to Romeo and Juliet talking, and he kisses her again and the camera shows this from the other side of the room, so you can just see shadows because of the smoke. The nurse then comes up and talks to Juliet, and it goes back to changing between people talking.As the nurse returns after leaving she says to Juliet “His name is Romeo, and a Montague, The only son of your great enemy.” As this is said Juliet then stairs at the floor and looks very miserable about what has just been said.My new scene will be set in the future Los Angeles (LA). In this scene Mercutio and Romeo and Benvolio are all heading to the Capulet’s underground rave. Mercutio’s speech about queen Mab is said over a mobile phone. Romeo meets Juliet and they fall madly in love. The scene will use a variety off different camera angles and styles of shot, as well as much different lighting effects. Also there will be special effects used to make it look like it is from the future and to make the flying vehicles look realistic.I have been able to use many special effects and features to make my scene become very futuristic. Shakespeare would not have been able to do this because when he wrote the story facilities to enable him to do this were available. He would also of not done this because he wanted to use them as plays, which he wouldn’t of, been able to do, because it would have been to hard to do because of the effects needed. It would of also been too hard to get the setting and the lighting right if they were on stage because everything would have to be out of proportion. He also wouldn’t have done it because he wanted to set his stories in the time he was living in.I have changed this scene because I wanted to make it look like it was from the future and to make the scene more enjoyable and humorous for the audience. I have also done it because I think the story would be more effective and better if it was done in the future.

Romeo and Juliet

How would you direct act three scene five of Romeo and Juliet at the marina theatre? How would different generations react to an arranged marriage?In this essay I’m going to be directing the play Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. This play, along with many others written by Shakespeare were written in 1589-1595. For this reason I have chosen to keep the traditional time period of the play to the 15th century Renaissance period, because I feel it was intended for this era.I will be directing just a small proportion of this play, act 3 scenes 5, and instead of directing it at the marina theatre I’m going to direct it at the Theatre Royal in Norwich because I have seen the play performed there and think it is a more appropriate location. I think it is more appropriate because haven already seen it directed and performed there it will help me a great deal in how I choose to direct mine.I am also going to write about arranged marriage and how the attitudes towards it have changed over the years . The difference between now and then. In directing this play I am going to bear in mind the following points to assure the play is as powerful as possible to the audience or reader. I will consider; tone of voice, gestures, facial expression, sound effects, music, lighting, props, and costumes, position of characters, mood, and interaction between characters.In this scene the topic arranged marriage Subtly arises in the conversation between Juliet and lady Capulet “Marry, mychild, early next morn, The county Paris , at saint Peter’s church”. In the 15th and 16th Century it was very common for marriage to be arranged by parents or families in general. Here we hear lady Capulet persuading her daughter Juliet to marry Paris, this could have been for many reasons in the 15th century , money, class , and social status ,were all reason’s why parents choose to arrange children’s marriages, In this case it’s mostly because Paris has lots of money and status , so the Capulets see this as an investment,In Italy at the time of which Romeo and Juliet was set the female had very little if not no say in the choice of husband. The husband was chosen as a suitable rich powerful ally for the family also because people in this time did not live as long as now, girls often married at the young age of fourteen fifteen years of age .today this would be regarded as unacceptable. Now we can marry at the age of 16 ( with parents consent ) only most people in Britain choosing to marry for the first time between the age of about 19 – 28 roughly .Most people of today wouldn’t accept being told who to marry .Lines 1-64, this part of the scene is where Romeo is leaving Juliet through the window Juliet is sitting, leaning across the window ledge with Romeo half way down the side of the building adjacent to Juliet’s bedroom. They are reaching for each other looking deeply into one another’s eyes.” nights candles burnt out, and jocund day stands tiptoe on the misty mountain tops . I must be gone and live, or stay and die”. Staying with Juliet would result in Romeo being caught by the Capulets so he leaves. Juliet staring into his eyes, then looking away as his eyes creep over to hers ,” I have more care to stay than to go” she is comforted by Romeo which is emulated through his facial expression and tone of voice. Nurse enters Juliet’s bedroom with hast looking around and then focusing on Juliet.She stands up looking guilty. Romeo now leaving would wander around stage for a while ,until his two lines at lines 58 ,where he would then exit slowly .Juliet’s mother enters Lady Capulet ,this would put the audience in shock and will then loose the feeling of being safe in the environment Romeo and Juliet are in. Lady Capulet gives the impression to the audience she doesn’t have time to waste and is quite snappy .The audience should feel this mood change , with Juliet’s voice and the way she is trying to speak words at lady Capulet But very little interest is shown.Romeo and JulietBetween the lines 65-125 Juliet and her mother Lady Capulet speak about the loss of Juliet’s cousin’s life and the subject of Juliet Marrying Paris. When Talking to each other I would have Juliet sitting for the first of this section and a defensive stand for the second I would have this because the subject that is being told as it where to Juliet that of marrying Paris she doesn’t like the thought of and she has to show that she is standing by her decision. If Juliet merely sat and mumbled the audience would just accept that she isn’t disturbed at all, when she clearly is. “Thou weep’st not so much for his death as that the villain lives which slaughtered him” (line 77-8) This refers to Romeo, I think her mother can almost see what is happening an this is a little clue , The facial expressions, tome of voice and the gestures given would make this clear to the audience ,This triggers the convocation , as Romeo is mentioned several times .Lady Capulet wants Juliet to marry Paris . Paris has money class, and a respectable family. Lines 112″marry my child ,early next Thursday morn , the gallant ,yond noble gentlemen ,the county Paris”,The county Paris, she is saying this because he is al powerful-man”saint peters church” Obviously the wedding is arranged for Thursday. Juliet feel’s as though she is trapped and is intimidated by her mother’s power. “He shall not make me a joyfulbride”, she is starting to have to defend herself .The tension rises and the audience should see this .”It shall be Romeo, whom you know I hate, rather than Paris “.In lines 126-204 Capulet enters and joins in the convocation. On stage therefore is Capulet, Juliet, Lady Capulet and the Nurse .When the characters are speaking I would direction the light exposing the characters talking and the other character in the convocation and dim the other’s .This decreases confusion of the plot and creates better understanding.In Lines 205-241 Juliet’s turns to nurse ,she knows that nurse cannot help change their decision but looks for advice from her ,”O Nurse, how shall this be prevented . The mood is now at a calming non pressured pace. The lighting will reflect this, with mellow yellow blues dimmed slightly; this will suggests that Juliet has a better relationship with nurse.ConclusionThe scene that I have studied pays close attention to the fact that in the 15thcentury arranged marriage was very common , Upper and lower classes can be identified just from these few short paragraphs in the scene the feeling of expansion of there ever growing wealthy family is distinct. I think people of an audience now wouldn’t except this .If we were in the 15th century you would expect there to be a normal reaction amongst the crowd .People have changed significantly in the last 400 years our lifestyle and values are different, I think this play carries this hidden message if you like. Yet it is a typical 15th century play write by Shakespeare.

‘Romeo and Juliet’

Qs: What are the main ideas presented in the text? Discuss how language, film techniques and structures are used to convey these ideas and views to the responder.Romeo and Juliet. The name drifts our thoughts to one of the most renowned and famous Shakespearean plays in history. It is one of the greatest romantic tales, which has been made into various film versions, each for very a different audience. But even then, the main story line and ideas presented by the films remain the same.The latest and most appealing version for young viewers is the Baz Luhrmann version. The amazing director has given this world- known love story a modern- day twist. He has targeted teenagers and young viewers, so has made massive changes to the script. E.g. the setting is in a modern city near Verona beach instead of Fair Verona, the costuming is made modern too by dressing the Capulet’s in suits giving them a chic gangster look and the Montague’s in casual Hawaii shirts giving them a punk image.The movie has been transformed in Luhrmann’s style while still retaining its original dialogue. Luhrmann has mainly made these changes to the film for his targeted audience who are only interested in excitement, action, love, drama, brilliant plots and something that they escape in from reality.The film’s modern and rather stylised style is enhanced by its astounding film techniques. Fast- paced shots, rapidly changing camera angles, loud and fast pop and rock music; all these are used to draw the audience to the nature of the beautiful, classic tale. By replacing orchestral and authentic music (used by old versions like the Zefferelli version) with the new rock, Luhrmann aims to draw the audience’s interest as much as possible.He starts the film by a TV documentary, a woman talking about the conflict and feud between the two families, fast- paced shots of the Capulet and Montague family territories. His style is fresh and full of action throughout the whole movie. Especially in the initial fight scene between the boys from both families, Luhrmann only has to use an urban street gang context to deliver the requiredviolence, tension and trauma. He chooses his setting in a petrol station, that being the most appropriately dangerous and flammable place, putting the whole town at risk if fire. Fast cars with roaring engines replace horses, guns stand in for swords and daggers and the resulting hybrid background is startling yet fascinating. The magnitude of the hatred between the two families is conveyed during this scene and because the play focuses on the feuding families and the desire, Romeo and Juliet have for each other, time changes, prop changes, action and scene changes does not really disappoint the audience, in fact it does the exact opposite. Television and media images are used throughout the film to reduce the Shakespeare lines and make it virtually more interesting for its targeted audience. A fine example is the Death scene. The setting is a beautifully lit church, which is symbolizing heaven. No music but the use of silence is used to heighten the intensity and suspense of the drama. In the part where Juliet shoots herself, the chilling sound of the gun against dead silence has an incredible effect on thing. Again the Shakespeare lines have been taken out and the visual techniques are used to convey the same message. Luhrmann has tries to make the situation as romantic as possible and put emphasis on the beauty of their short romance rather than show the causes of the suicides. This is followed by a montage of scenes from their relationship to show the emotion and pain.Luhrmann shows that through death they are joined and their love still lives on and that love has conquered death. All this is shown by the use of dramatic modern music, silence, visual effects, fast- paced shots, rapidly changing camera angles and rapid zooming. The use of symbolism and impressionism is also used to draw the audience. In the scene where Romeo gatecrashes the party, everyone is dressed up in a costume that symbolises what they really are. For example, Juliet is dressed as an angel and Romeo as a knight. Other characters’ costuming also represents their part or personality. E.g. Tybalt is dressed as a devil and Mercutio as a woman (possibly showing homosexuality). The film is high- paced (the camera never being still!) The film has passion but also has enough action and excitement to attract audience who might not understand Shakespearean language.Even though the script is highly edited, the main themes and ideas in the film remain similar. The film enlightens themes such as the value and strength oflove, consequences of hatred, consequences of feuds and valuing what other people and your family want for themselves. Themes play a strong part in the original story as well as this movie, the most notable ones being love and fate. For example, there is Romeo’s obsession with Rosaline and the arranged marriage of Paris and Juliet but then Romeo and Juliet’s pure love is developed. On the other hand, the ancient grudge and feud between the two families, and showing that rash and passionate acts are foolish and dangerous are the main ideas presented in the Luhrmann as well as the Zefferelli version. Though Luhrmann has changed the setting, time, era and made it more stylised and modern, the story of the star- crossed lovers remains alike. An interesting prospect of the film is the language. Where some people’s curiousity arouses is the question that why the film still retains its original dialogue even though the rest of the film is rationalised and stylised. The answer is quite obvious, the beauty of Shakespearean language is unique. It quite takes the ripeness out f the story if the original dialogue is taken out. It is thus reasonable to see that the retaining of the dialogue creates an effect of alienation and contributes to the ‘other-world’ atmosphere of Verona Beach and also satisfies the Shakespeare fans.The Baz Luhrmann’s masterpiece also portrays Romeo and Juliet as an allegory for the late 20th century, whereby Verona Beach is an exaggerated picture (or caricature) of the violent atmosphere of our time as well as serving as a representation of love and conflict.Although this is a story which has been told many times before, Luhrmann keeps the ideas fresh, mainly by using a mixture of fast editing and cleverly choreographed fight scenes. Right from the dramatic beginning to the tragic ending, Romeo and Juliet will keep you captivated. This is evidence to Luhrmann’s brilliant film directory. His ability to keep the audience wanting more is no more apparent than the ending. You would have to have been living under a rock, for the last 100 years to not know how Romeo and Juliet ends. But Luhrmann manages to keep the audience hoping that this time it will be different.In conclusion, though certain aspects like the setting, era are changed and the script is highly modified, the film revolves around the same ideas and serves as a classic example of the power of and beauty of love. Other aspects like the language or dialogue still remain the same. Luhrmann just uses the required action, film techniques, drama, excitement that is needed to draw his target audience. And in many people’s opinion he has succeeded in a very skillful and clever way.


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