The period that came to be known as the Roaring Twenties was the era in North America that ushered in the break from old traditions and practices. The nation shifted from being agricultural to industrial. New inventions and technologies were discovered. Along with these innovations, people and society evolved and many shed old values and moral issues. People in the cities were more carefree, gay, and liberal-minded. Eventually, drinking became a societal problem that resulted to the passing of the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which created the Prohibition Act.

Under this law, it was illegal for anyone to manufacture, sell and transport wine of wine within and from the United States and its territories. This law was highly supported by the Church and powerful anti-alcohol groups. Because people in the society had been used to drinking for a long time, some found ways to get around the prohibition. It became an opportunity for the underground community to flourish. As a result, organized crimes, gangs, and liquor smugglings were established. The speakeasies also became popular during this period and were run by gangsters like the Mafiosi. The Nineteenth Amendment was also ratified during the 1920s.

This law provided what women have been fighting for a long time. They were finally granted equal footing in politics like having the right to vote. Because of this, mindsets changed. Women started to rethink their roles in society. Prior to the passing of this amendment, women thought that having a husband and children were enough. In this era, women not only desired to have their own families but to have successful careers as well. Young women began attending universities that were previously populated by male students and the dating arena changed dramatically as women took more active claims in their bodies and sexualities.