This structure is episodic this allows Cartwright to show different types of dysfunctional lives and families there are on Road the main problem the families and characters have is that they suffer because of poverty and unemployment. Another advantage to using this structure is because you are allowed to use different conventions and genres such as naturalistic style and stylization. By using episodic structure it allows you to drag the audience in whilst pushing them away.

The play is set on one night on one journey from going out getting lashed to waking up the next morning with a hangover with the exception of Joeys story. Characters contact the audience a lot in this play by breaking the fourth wall this makes a big impact on the emotionally also they are put in horrible positions and situations where they are made to think about other peoples problems and troubles. With this structure the audience have to piece the platy together themselves to have the full experience and understand the themes and meanings.

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Some characters the audience will only meet once but will get to know really well as they explain there inner emotions but to other characters of the play they are just randomers on the road which they don’t know much about such as there problems and feelings. Form One form used in this play is Naturalism it is used to make the audience believe in what they are watching and connect it to every day life. It helps they recognize that people do live like this with the dysfunction in there lives.

Also monologues are used when characters are addressing the audience it lets the sympathies and empathies with the characters. They become emotionally involved as they find out the characters inner most thoughts and feelings. Invisible Theatre This is used at the begging of the play outside the theatre with two girls playing a game of hopscotch and using foul language. The audience becomes confused, as they don’t know if it is real or unreal they begin to sympathies with the girls as they are seen to not have a very happy healthy home life.

Another place where this Form is used is at the interval by getting the audience involved in the disco by getting them up dancing also in the bar as people go to get refreshments there is a small scene taking place in there. Using invisible theatre the audience feel genuine emotion and discomfort whilst the tension builds to an extremely high level. We explored invisible theatre in class and we fooled a year seven class. It made a big impact on them as they became extremely shocked but gave us the thrill, as we knew that it was fake.

We began this small section of drama by kicking the class room door to give the sense of Jakes head hitting the door we then dragged Jake into the class room as if he was unconscious with a lot of chaos going on with us all panicking shouting and getting upset, next Mr. Anderson came in to join the chaos but we also added comedy to this piece by Lucy coming in walking through all this chaos asking Miss for a chair stepping over Jake as if her wasn’t there collecting a chair and walking out.

The impact on our audience was amazingly genuine. Stylization This mostly used at the end of the play as some of the characters are listening to music drunk and begin to dream and want to escape. There becomes a lot of repetition of this one line “somehow somehow might escape”. This is repeated so often the words loose they’re meaning and become molded together they are also used to stay in the audience’s head and help explain the desperation and hopefulness of these characters.

The words begin to be chanted and become louder which gives a stylized sense. The ending Cartwright chose left the audience wondering and thinking if the characters of the play would ever escape form the dysfunction and also gives them the sense of wanting to help them or other people like that. Artistic license was given in this play so the ending of the play could have been stylized if wanted to. All the styles and forms used in this play keep the audience assertive with their thoughts and emotions at all times.