Road & Transportation Authority In Dubai

The focal point of this essay is about the Maintenance section of the Road & Transportation Authority in Dubai that comes under the department of Traffic & Roads Agency. For this it is important to look into the structure of the Road & Transportation Authority and specifically the jurisdiction of the maintenance section. It can be stated that the Road & Transportation Authority of Dubai is based on a well formulated management structure. (Powell, 53)The Traffic & Roads Agency comes directly under the parameters of the Chairman and CEO who takes the responsibility of this department along with three other principal agencies.

Prawer, 221) The Traffic & Roads Agency is divided into six department of which the Maintenance department being a very important office. (RTA, 1) The Maintenance department is instrumental in developing a well structured communication system with the other five departments, Road, Fees and Parking, Traffic, Licensing and Right of way services. (Brundage, 145) This is an important aspect of this department because it ensures the smooth working condition for the entire Traffic & Roads Agency.Apart from this the Maintenance department regularly checks the details of each aspect that are linked with the Traffic & Roads Agency thereby keeping the authority updated about the present situation and need of the agency. (Tyerman, 233) It can be stated that the present world class condition of the Road & Transportation Authority in Dubai is not only due to the fact that it spends a substantial amount on its projects but the success is very much due to the fact that department like the Maintenance department is constantly updating itself in term of information and its communication system. (Gervers, 17)


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