A ritual is a formalized, predetermined set of symbolic actions generally performed in a particular environment at a regular, recurring interval. The set of actions that comprise a ritual often include, but are not limited to, such things as recitation, singing, group processions, repetitive dance, manipulation of sacred objects, etc(“Ritual”)

Humanity has come a long way as far as rituals are concerned. There are many political, economic and socio-cultural rituals around us. So much so that at time we are bound to feel too ritualistic!

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I have always felt excited about the diversity of humans and our cultures. In a time of tension, violence and aggression, where talk of the day is of “Clash of Civilization”, I would rather make a ritual that celebrates diversity among us.

The name of my ritual is “Diversity Gala”.

It is going to be a ritual that accept, celebrates , cherish and nourish all kinds of diversity found among us. Be it religious, racial, national, linguistic, gender etc.

It is essentially a secular ritual but in a way it is a political and social ritual. It would be giving a strong political message to all hate mongers and war trumpeters that there are people who appreciate the value of diversity.

On the social front, it gives a strong message of peaceful co existence among different communities and neighborhoods. It gives a message to the people who perpetuate on hatred to lay off. Stop exploiting the differences. Accept diversity and love it.

In the nutshell, specific purpose is to celebrate the diversity that exist among humans.

Its five symbols would be:

1) Different religious symbols (Cross, crescent)

2) Different clothes (showing particular cultural traits)

3) Different music and dances ( Showing cultural roots)

4) Combine flags of different nations (Showing difference as well as unity)

5)  Dove ( Showing peace and tolerance)

The ritual would be like that assembly of people in an open place. Sitting, talking and sharing about their lives and how the other one is doing the same thing in different way. Talking culture and every days life. This ritual would encourage people from different backgrounds to come together. The more diversity, the more appreciation. Tolerance and love should be fostered. Understanding of difference should be encouraged.

Its steps would be like that. A certain point/theme would be raised and everyone in small groups would be invited to express their views. They would supposedly tell the difference and without changing other would happily accept they others way as well.Hugging is the accepted way to greet. Open arms would symbolize that everyone is welcome. And I believe it is extremely important symbol. Open arms and open hearts are needed to solve the problems around us. With a more place for others and their views, we can hope for a better world. The presence of all people of the neighborhood would be requested. They would be asked to take their time out.

I believe this ritual do address the need of our culture and almost all cultures around the world. Diversity is present in every society. So far this diversity has caused only concern and feuds among humans. We fear from “others”. We form groups. We tag others as bad guys. Our way is the best. We de humanize others. Lets us make an effort to bring people closer. Unity in diversity. I believe this is need of our culture.