Risk and Threat Assessment Risk and Threat Assessment There is strengths and weaknesses; threats and vulnerabilities of every organization’s security system. These issues tend to be those of the same at national and global levels; crime and criminology tend to have an impact on it. Denny’s is a worldwide corporation that has franchises that have rented their names to continue to run the establishments as well as acquiring three different corporate level restaurants located in South Carolina.

These restaurants tend to have higher security levels in their units rather than the franchises because they are allowed to choose the way that they run them just as long as the bills are paid and the name brand is not changed by any source. The number of restaurants out sourced is close to 600 different restaurants ranging from the Countries of New Zealand to Honduras to The United States, (Denny’s, 1953, p. 2). Denny’s is a chain of restaurants that take pride in aggressively pursuing innovation to support long-term, sustainable goals, (Denny’s, 1953, p. ). Denny’s success lives by providing great food, great service every time and in order to achieve this goal their needs to be a high level of security. The security level should be assessed quarterly to find strengths and weaknesses; threats and vulnerabilities to all of their appropriate assets that would include the entire team all over the nation. Ultimately the risk assessment needs to be one of the first priorities that are taken to effectively run these restaurants with out failure.

All of the units within Denny’s provide a digital security camera system that allows them to retrieve information as far back as six months prior to an incident. This allows the management staff to watch any kind of criminal moves that take place whether it is theft of an employee or a guest that may be visiting the restaurant. The security cameras also give the employees and guests’ assurance of safety, which is nice because it proves that they are proactive with preparedness in which too many companies refuse to do usually because of short- term financial loss and not thinking about the long- term financial gain.

They also provide the entire staff with security identification numbers/passwords to ensure privacy and security of their financial transactions that they complete throughout the days. This is also provided to those who do not have access to cash to avoid theft of payroll, (Denny’s, 1953, p. 4). Instead of an employee using their numbers manually they should require he or she to use swipe badges that are assigned to he or she for clocking in/out, accessing the POS system as well as cashing people out of the system, (Denny’s, 1953, p. 4).

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The company requires that the staff members all wear the same uniforms to ensure the show of consistency with who is and is not an employee. This also is a standard for management so that the management staff stands out from everyone else and the guests understand by entering the establishment that there is a form of leadership that exists. This provides positive perception for deterring some disruptive behavior based upon creating a uniform environment to the eye. Perception is the reality with impressions when comes to most aspects of life and leadership is important when securing the facility that people work in.

Denny’s strongly encourages the aspect of leadership by example and providing a safe, comfortable work environment for all their employees. They encourage this to be practiced at all times. Meetings are held every other month in most units to ensure that the staff members are up- to -date with all the changes in operations that may arise along with monthly in store Management meetings held by the general manager as well as monthly general management meetings held by the area director. This ensures consistency within the restaurant.

The only problem that exists with this is that the upper management outside of GM meetings doesn’t follow up to be sure that the in store staff meetings are held. This does not provide consistency because every restaurant isn’t liable to hold these meetings as they are mandatory for corporate but not for franchise. The corporate units make up less than 1% of the corporation, (Denny’s, 1953, p. 2). With the majority of the corporation made up of franchise owners it develops an in consistency that provides a weakness to threats and vulnerabilities.

The problem that consists in many of the restaurants that has become familiar is in consistency with change. The general change from the corporate restaurants to franchise restaurants is consistent but the operations that are held on a daily basis within the restaurants vary from restaurant to restaurant. One of the main down falls in the units is the fact that the franchise owners will solely look at their profit and loss statements. They will be breathing right behind the unit if it is not making the bottom line a profit, as long as the unit has a profit nd survey scores are 75%, other issues are invisible. This is a short- term gain but a long- term loss and a vulnerability to threat of their appropriate assets. One of the main issues is the company would rather hire a weak physical security company. The franchises figure if they are making money and have a body that looks to be that of authority they will secure their assets and continue to bring in a financial gain. What they do not seem to realize is if the physical security does not have the strength and reliability to match their image then they will lose a profit in the future.

This will have direct negative effect on the staff members within the units because most of the units are tight knit with the ones that are located in their area. The staff would realize that all the Denny’s are not ran the same way because all the leaders do not follow the same rules. One of the major rules that is not seen followed are the use of swipe badges in all the restaurants, the managers not allowing employees to use their swipe badges or identification numbers, and service assistants not monitored when making a garbage run out the back door.

These risks can provide the company with a great loss and an opportunity for an employee to obtain information for the criminal world. Denny’s has recently undergone this issue with a long time employee. The employee was allowed to use the manager’s numbers or swipe badge with the manager’s approval; in turn the employee was caught completing voids on checks and keeping the money. This employee received a termination from employment and jail time. This provides an in consistent image and the secure system would soon follow in a path of in consistency.

With an in consistent image the threats can range from small including staff turn over, which provides a loss in sales, management turn over that provides a loss in leadership and security that becomes breach in failure to keep consistency with the policies and procedures. These losses can ultimately result in the theft of employees in realizing the consistency nature has failed; disruptive behavior by guests after hours that sees a high turn over and realizes that there is an internal issue. This becomes a downward spiral that ultimately lands on the leaders laps.

They become blind by being overwhelmed by all the areas of operations that have been allowed to weaken and open doors for the vulnerability of a new threat; they do not see this threat coming. This would be considered the risk assessment that would take place. A risk assessment is performed to determine the most important potential security breaches to address now rather than later, (Perrin, 2009, p. 1). These risks need to be assessed now than later and if addressed now all issues can become a strength that was built upon a weakness. If it is decided that the risk will not be assessed, the weakness will continue and eat the company alive.

The influence of crime will become a natural for the staff, the guests, and the environment that surrounds the units. Completing a risk assessment will provide the knowledge necessary to make the changes to the threats of the organization back into a positive security policy, (Perrin, 2009, p. 1). This behavior would need to be analyzed and crime prevention methods would be necessary; this would be the study of criminology, (“What is Criminology. “, 2011, p. 1). In result a risk assessment would be a necessity as soon as possible. A threat assessment would be the next step to put into place.

A threat assessment is performed to determine the best approaches to securing a system to a particular threat or a class of a threat, (Perrin, 2009, p. 1). If a threat assessment is not put into force a criminal road will follow behind with determination. A threat assessment will help develop the effective policies and procedures to become relevant to these types of behaviors resulting in specific attacks, (Perrin, 2009, p. 1). An assessment would also result in less crime, and the company being proactive against criminal behavior rather than reactive against it.

This would also provide a lower crime rate in the restaurant industry in the nation rather than just a singled out area. The next step would be to conduct vulnerability testing. Vulnerability explains security flaws in a system that allows attacks on the company to become successful without notice until it is too late for a reaction, (Perrin, 2009, p. 1). The area of testing for vulnerable threats that can become a reality allows the responsible people to react before they become a reality, (Perrin, 2009, p. 1). In this situation it would be to be proactive.

This would mean for there to be more consistency and accountability for the actions of those that are in charge to be held accountable. If employees are held accountable for all of their wrong doings then there would be a less likelihood for the criminal possibilities to take place. Some of the steps would involve: Employees always using swipe badges for security purposes, management always going outside with a staff member for garbage runs, areas of security being locked when not in use, sensitive information being protected by not allowing hourly employees to have access and documentation to any of these negative behaviors to follow.

There would need to be meetings that follow with constructive criticism and coaching and teaching tutorials. The follow up and consistency behind these steps are crucial in success of strengthening the security systems within the restaurants. If these steps are not closely followed and monitored by those of more authority than the entire process will have to repeat itself. The influence of crime and criminology is easy when it comes to organizations that want to see a financial profit.

Crime is defined as an act committed or omitted in violation of a law forbidding or commanding it and which punishment is imposed upon conviction, (“Crime”, 2011, p. 1). Criminology is the study of criminal behavior including the factors that cause crime, (“What is Criminology?. ” 2010, p. 1). Criminology also gets into the study of the social impact that the crime has on the society and the victim involved, (“What is Criminology? ” 2010, p. 1). Crime is a natural form of behavior and without it no organization would ever know what they would have to fix.

Crime will exist in any kind of environment and in any organization; it is just the matter of controlling the crime. Criminology would also be a term that would not exist because there would to have to be crime to have criminology. It should be a policy that organizations have to understand the terms of crime and criminology. Organizations should also have to have knowledge on why they affect the nation globally, not just locally. As soon as sight is lost and the thought remains they are untouchable, that is how reality sets in and says it is necessary to follow through with all policies and procedures.

When policies and procedures become a far glance to an organization it is a promise that crime will follow and criminology will have to be a topic to study why the crime occurred. A crime in an organization can be something as huge as a white- collar crime where the executives are benefiting from allowing the crime to occur or an employee discounting a check to get an extra dollar in their pocket. These types of behavior affect the society and cause a negative image on the environment. People become scarce to trust an individual with cashing checks out or an investor handling their profits in a stock market.

This type of behavior has become relevant to the society. In result to the fall of consistency, the lack being proactive in society with security measures and the lack of accountability it causes realm of global issues. Many organizations are suffering with being able to correctly follow through with simple and proper steps to security systems that simply secure assets. They find this to be a hard factor because organizations fail to spend the short- term money to gain a long- term profit instead they would rather not spend the dollar and take the risk. “Risk Management. “, 2011, p. 1:

Risk Management is the process of identification analysis, and either acceptance or mitigation of uncertainty in investment decision making. Any time there is question for a financial loss risk management should be involved to take the correct steps to figure out how they can prevent the action from occurring, (“Risk Management. “, 2011, p. 1). If companies and organizations take risk management into theory and pay attention to the alerts that are sent them in question; by researching them with an itemized explanation and following through with the alert then vulnerabilities are reduced.

Denny’s Corporation needs to be sure to avoid all potential hazards to vulnerabilities with their security systems and secure all the assets involved. This would mean to follow all assessments that have been described with out failure and include the vulnerability test. Ultimately there would have to be 100% accountability on all behaviors that were a negative factor in causing a threat to the organization. The number one thing to remember is that it takes an entire organization to be reading on the same page and from the same book in order to make it successful.

If that is something that can be consistent then the organization will be sure to bring a positive out come to the bottom line. References Crime. (2011). Retrieved from http://www. thefreedictionary. com/crime Denny’s. (1953). http://www. dennys. com Perrin, C. (2009). Understanding risk, threat, and vulnerability. Retrieved from http://www. techrepublic. com/blog/security/understanding-risk-threat-and-vulnerability/1897 Risk Management. (2011). Retrieved from http://www. investopedia. com/terms/r/riskmanagement. asp What is Criminology?


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