Reyes Haircutters Company Situational Analysis

Founded and established in 1991 by Les Reyes, Reyes Haircutters started with only three company-owned salons. Now, having gone ahead of its competitors in myriad ways through franchising, Reyes Haircutters grew to more than 200 branches nationwide with one in London, U. K. in less than eight years and soon to open in Doha, Qatar and in United States. Earning recognition throughout the years through not only in various consumer award giving bodies, but in the Philippine business communities as well, the Reyes Haircutters brand is undoubtedly one of the market leaders in the personal care industry.

The Reyes Haircutters follows a best-cost provider strategy that revolves around being a “Filipino Family Salon”, which caters to every member of the family and cuts across various income levels with their affordable prices. They perfected a system for delivering value-priced services to the entire family in a convenient no-appointment environment. In a best-cost provider strategy, a brand strives to give customers more value for their money by satisfying buyers’ expectations on key quality, features, performance, or service attributes while beating their price expectations.

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This is a hybrid strategy that blends elements of a low-cost strategy and a differentiation strategy effectively. In this case, RHC, branding themselves as a “Filipino Family Salon”, is designed to attract consumers who have a strong sense of nationalism, or rather, a preference for the Filipino culture at the best cost possible. This strategy, which happens to be the concept on which RHC is built upon, is their sustainable competitive advantage which has proven to be quite effective in the Philippine setting. Direct competitors include Ricky Reyes Salon, David’s Salon, and Bench Fix.

Vision We are the Philippines leading provider of globally competitive-oriented personnel united in a shared commitment to excellence in all our clients, pursuing the greater welfare of the society by contributing our talents and resources to the achievement of national growth and development. In the future, “Ang Salon ng Bayan” our tagline will be “Ang Salon ng Mundo”. Mission To consistently delight our clients, the Filipino families here and around the world through Quality Products you can trust, Expert Service you deserve and Affordable Prices to all.