The sixties era paved the way for the advent of the period of youth as approximately 70 million American children or those who are called the post-war baby boom have grown up to be adolescents. The years from 1960 to 1969 also marked the shifting from the old-fashioned 1950s, a period which was eventually carried on and resulted in radical means of ideas and philosophy and into genuine changes in the social structure of American living.

Since the young generation of the 1960s desired for variation and transformation, people then became no longer satisfied to be reflections of the previous generations. Modifications were felt in the sectors of learning, principles, way of living, legal rulings and leisure. As such, many of the militant beliefs or views which started in the decade of 1960 are progressing to develop in today’s modern world (Goodwin & Bradley, 1999). A significant word relating to the sixties is the term revolutionary.

This is because it reflects many meanings and implications particularly to my life. The era also denotes a multifaceted feature which is characterized by many expressions such as radicalism and innovation. Various revolutionary attributes of the sixties were manifested in my existence as it became natural for me to search for something fresh or new things but radical in nature. Hence, 1960s became tantamount with fresh, thrilling, militant and rebellious happenings in my life which have ultimately progressed in the succeeding decades of my being.

As the revolutionary word became more relevant, 1960s also became an age of rebellious changes in the political arena. This is because many nations have achieved independence from respective colonial ruling which is a reign only to be substituted with many incidents of civil conflicts or fraudulent dictators. However, beyond the many changes brought about by the revolutionary nature of the sixties is the fact that it was the time in my life history when I aspired for something new and the revolutionized modernization has resulted into what the subsequent years of my life have become.

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