Review on a Recent Book about American Politicians

The Audacity of Hope – Thoughts on reclaiming the American dreams is the second full book written by the currently famous American politician “Senator Barack Obama”, on which has been through an instant hit and was on the third bestseller position on The New York Times list of nonfiction books since it was released in October 2006, exactly two years prior to his official candidacy campaign for the 2008 United States presidential election.

In a sense, the book “’The Audacity of Hope – Thoughts on reclaiming the American dream” carries and hold the public declaration and opinions of the young junior senator’s campaign for the United States of America’s presidential election in November 2008 . Moreover, the book “The Audacity of Hope – Thoughts on reclaiming the American dream” by Barack Obama was originated from the teachings of his previous spiritual and religious adviser.

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In a thought, “The Audacity of Hope” book by Senator Barack Obama is one better reference of the capabilities and qualifications of the young junior senator as the next American leader to direct the entire United States as the president of the land . Back then, Barack Obama’s book “The Audacity of Hope’ is once have been a title of his speech that he gave during the 2004 Democratic Convention, which turned to be the prime reason that had brought him to the national fame.

Essentially, the speech was just in 20 minutes and Barack Obama had already achieved the vibrant shine of national popularity that most of the political analysts had predicted that the young junior senator from Illinois is a potential candidate for the 2008 United States presidential election. In a brief review of the book, Barack Obama had begun his book by giving an overview of his political career that had been his life for the last decade.

Barack Obama is a lawyer, which after he went to law school, he moved right away to Chicago and begun to work as a community organizer in a poor neighborhoods of black African American, while at the same time he work as constitutional law teacher in the University of Chicago. In the book, Barack Obama wrote that his drive to develop a moderate and effective approach in the United States political scene is his main reason why he entered into politics and his reason as well of writing his book “The Audacity of Hope – Thoughts of reclaiming the American dream.

In thoughts, Barack Obama is a progressive politician in a way that he constantly urge for the sociopolitical change grounded for the betterment of the entire American nation and its. With these thoughts of Barack Obama in his book, American political founders Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin share the same notion with the young junior senator to make a change in the political scene of the United States.

Way back June 1776, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin had been the engineers of change in the sociopolitical scene of United States, which the two political founders had pass a declaration of independence that gives an emphasis to the power democracy. Moreover, the declaration emphasizes the culmination of egalitarian, democratic and libertarian rush for the American government.

In line with this, Barack Obama’s shares the same thought with Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin that he urge for the United States modern independence from personal and subjective government and start to relieve the true essence of democracy for the entire nation. With these notions, nonetheless, Barack Obama and the two American political founders (Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin) share the similar thoughts of a better government for United States that centers to fairness and equality .

However, despite the yell for democracy of both ancient and contemporary American politicians, there are still discrimination and disparity in the society. One of the greater examples for this is the discrimination between the black people and the white, which is the long been dilemma in the society. In a country where absolute freedom is practiced and people are definitely free to do what they prefer, discrimination is a possibility that people may act adverse to different group.

Nevertheless, Thomas Paine truly believes that the equal rights of men should be prioritize all time, which he stated that republic with equality and fairness in its people is a definition of a healthy society. Technically, Barack Obama’s book “The Audacity of Hope – Thoughts on reclaiming the American dream is divided into different chapters, which every specific section is a depiction of his own point of view to different social topics and issues.

For the two sections of the book, Barack Obama had depicted his own personal views of the deteriorated partisan in Washington, which he stated and elaborated that in the early United States politics, congress was actually not divided by the political parties as it is now, and had depicted his thoughts that most of American politician are lost to their moral direction and values . Furthermore Barack Obama had said that the political history of the United States says that lawmakers are more willing to set a side their differences and work hard together for the entire United States and its people.

Prudence In the succeeding chapters, senator Barack Obama had said that he himself contend and disagrees to the wisdom that the democrats must need to develop and improve more intact than their republican counterparts – rather Obama’s book says make no partisan and start to work together for the entire American nation in able to win back the trust and confidence of the whole American people . In here, thoughts of Senator Barack Obama was clearly depicted that unity is way better than disparity in the American politics to develop and improve the entire United States.

These notions of Barack Obama, on the other hand, shares with the similar thoughts with a great American founding father Thomas Paine that unity in the American government is the primary way to achieve growth and development in the entire United States. As he believes politicians are masters, Thomas Paine shares the same thought of fair and equality in the Government, as these both American politicians do not contend any particular political party or opposition.

In a thorough review of the book “American Political Thought”, the founding era or the political founders of American politics can be characterized as a collection of diverse and broad political as well governmental insight, which most of the founding fathers varies to their own standpoint of what is best for American republic. Nevertheless, the book depicts that despite of these differences, the American political pioneers agrees to the identical notion that in a republic “Unity of Men” is the most significant factor, regardless of history, in able to lead the country towards success.

Moreover, “The Audacity of Hope” by Barack Obama had wrote in his personal thoughts of religion which he tackles the subject of religious faith under the concentration on the discomfort of Democratic Party to showcase religious faith. Barack Obama had illustrated his own story from agnosticism to faith, which he argue that repossession of religion values is the only way the Democrats can link with the greater part of the American public.

Nevertheless, Barack Obama had concluded that with his composition of religion strengthened and deepened his moral fervor and faith serves as a common ground for his long term goal of collaboration between the Democrats and the Republican. This notion of Barack Obama, on the other hand, shares the same thought with the political founder Alexander Hamilton that religion plays big role in shaping the community and towards the achievement of peace in the country. Just like Barack Obama, Alexander Hamilton argues that religious faith is a better way to have a peaceful government, which in 1802 he had proposed a Christian Constitutional Society.

The government constitution, however, he explained himself as a lawmaker who value and honors the significant history of the constitution. In the book Barack Obama had elaborated his profound perspective on the constitution of the land and wrote the his experience during his early days as a senator in Washington, which he discover varied respect on the constitution on older-lawmakers against the rest of young senators. Nevertheless, Barack Obama had concluded himself as a warrior of the constitution and believes that flexible application of the constitution is the answer to the ever-shifting world.

Specifically, these thoughts of Barack Obama, shares to the notion of the two founding fathers of the United States, Samuel Adams and John Adams, as constitution to be the important in the independence of the entire Untied States. As a democratic country, the Adams cousins together with Senator Barack Obama carry the unified thought that constitution is most essential feature of the government, which lead and guide the leaders as well as the entire country and must be well protected, nevertheless, honored and respected.

In the end, most of Senator Barack Obama’s thought that he has written in his book “The Audacity of Hope – Thoughts on reclaiming the American dream”, gratifies and aims to various similar thoughts of the founding fathers of the American politics. As considered as a young politician, the book “The Audacity of Hope” showcases the brightness and potential of the young Senator Barack Obama as the next president of the United States and lead the entire nation for the next generations to come.

Moreover, this book review of “The Audacity of Hope – Thoughts on reclaiming the American dream” by Senator Barack Obama is a depiction of significant point of view and political thoughts of both ancient and contemporary American politicians. Nonetheless, the ideals contradictions of democratic and anti-democratic was resolved, as both the American founding fathers and contemporary politicians (Barack Obama) had agreed on the idea of unity, equality and fairness over the society nation is the best for the entire American nation.