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PCMag. com is the website for its sister publication, PC Magazine. It is fairly simple to explain what the purpose of this particular website is. It tells you almost anything you would ever want to know about computers. The website is crowded with articles, ads, and video. The list of sponsors at the end of the page is so extensive that I cannot even begin to list all of them. Suffice it to say that all of them are for computers and computer programs, mostly being offered by smaller companies. There are major advertisements from Dell, Circuit City, and Lenovo.

This website is obviously designed for someone who truly loves computers and all they can do. It does lean more towards younger people, perhaps, because the crowding and the small print on the front page might make it difficult for an older person to comprehend. The most descriptive word for this site would be “busy. ” As noted before, there are ads all around, the articles are bunched up and have tiny descriptions, and the whole site seems to be pushing for every bit of attention one can offer.

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This is a bit of a turnoff, in my opinion. Loud, fussy websites can be difficult to follow and it can be nearly impossible to find the information you need on them. PCMag. com is not terribly difficult to follow, but it is certainly not easy. Because of the layout, many important features can be missed, such as the free newsletters, the job search, and the topic listings. These are all way down on the bottom of the page, and one must get through the flashing PC Magazine ad to even get near to these resources.

However, despite the wild layout, PCMag. com does offer some great articles. There are tips on the latest and best free software downloads, plenty of product reviews, and human interest articles. Also, along the top of the page is tab after tab directing you to different sections of the website. There is information on how and where to buy reviewed items, more articles, a message board, and how to get downloads. These tabbed pages are much easier to deal with than the crowded front page.

The information is neatly listed, and the ads are not as intrusive. I would suggest going immediately to the tabbed pages, because that is certainly the best place to get the information you might need. PCMag. com is very interested in selling visitors on their magazine. This is one of the more aggravating parts of the site. A pop-up box comes up the moment you pull up the site and proceeds to float around and cover anything that you are trying to look at.

The box has a small “x” in order to turn it off, but the mere fact that one is greeted by such an intrusive ad is a bit of a turn off. The job search function is a saving grace, however. One can look for a particular job, post a resume, and even find out how much they could expect to make in their chosen field. This function was fun and easy to use, and it is a shame that it is hidden so far down on the page that most people probably never see it. Some people may enjoy this type of site, but unfortunately, I am not one of them.

The rush of information makes it hard to find what you need, and I don’t necessarily wish to search out tabbed pages and hunt through them to find information that I should have been able to find on the first page. I have read the magazine, and it is very informative, but the website seems out of control. It is not user friendly, it would be difficult for anyone who did not have a firm grasp on technology to understand, and it would be difficult for anyone with poor eyesight, or even aging eyes, to maneuver.

The product reviews and articles were fine, but they weren’t enough to keep me coming back. As I said before, the best thing by far is the job search area, and I would suggest to anyone interested in computing and IT jobs to check it out. The wage indicator is especially interesting, and good to know for anyone going into the field. However, I would not make this site one of my favorites. The content is fine, but the hoops one has to jump through to get to the good content are almost not worth the time. This is definitely a site I would skip.