Review Of Literature

A literature review involves an in depth and critical analysis of a series of literatures that are related to the field which the research is being carried out. It is not to be taken as a summary, or abstract of all the literature studied . rather, it is a critical analysis of the various materials read. It is done in a bid to separate the facts from fiction. It also serves as a good guide to determine the course of the research. The review of literature seems to me as the most important part of writing a dissertation.

The literature review is such a centre of focus where the researcher focuses a greater part of his energy. A thorough literature review is so important because it pertinent for the researcher to have first hand information about the facts in his/her field. Both old and new information is to be sought out and thoroughly reviewed. it is even necessary to find similar researches and analyze them in order to pick possible pitfalls in their final submission.

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It is also necessary to review literature so as to know the outcome of similar researches that have been carried out in the past. Usually, the literature review is arranged in a systematic pattern thereby stating the various facts to be considered in the research. If there are any conflicting opinions, it is therefore necessary to arrange them in a manner that would portray them as so. It is also important to cite all sources accordingly because of this fact.