Review of Flash Game:

Skinny is a delightful blend of the movie Coraline and the
game Limbo, rolled into a short flash game. The game starts with the main
character, a shadowy robot named Skinny, looking for his son’s marbles. After
his son’s marbles have been returned, Skinny looks for the batteries stolen
from mother’s children by a strange little boy named Felix. As the game
continues and gradually becomes more difficult, it is up to you and Skinny to
figure out who the real antagonist is and who is the hero.

“Dad! Look! The dolphins are jumping out of the
clouds!” One of the “children” says after you return its
batteries. The children are an interesting and creative aspect of the game.
Some of the things they say before and after their batteries are returned is a
little twisted and a little amusing, much like the game Coma, which is created
by the same developers. The music and graphics also help make the game
enjoyable. The music is fun and quirky, just like the sayings of the children.
The graphics and world are impressive. The black and green colour scheme, helps
to create the unnatural world that the player finds themselves in. The strong
storyline adds to the creation of this world. There is not only an air of
mystery, but also something sinister about this world that mother has created.

The graphics and story line are also negative features of
the game. This is one of the few flash games that might actually become
unplayable on a few systems due to the massive graphical demands.

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Every once in a while the game’s controls freeze up. The
controls make the game a little more difficult than it needs to be. For how
basic and few they are, it would be simpler to use the arrow keys. The story
line turns into a negative at the end. The game stops, with no conclusion,
leaving the player wondering who the real villain is and what lies in the next
part of the game that does not exist yet.

A few tips for beating the game:

Listen for the spiders. They make a unique sound. It will
save you a lot of time not having to steal your batteries back from them.

Watch which crystals inactivate which lasers, and for how
long. If you’re not careful, you can get stuck when the laser returns.

Practice double jumping a lot. You will need to be good at
it by the end of the game.





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