RESPONDENT’S BRIEFMr. Jeffrey, a student attending Nicholas Mitchell High School, got a Donald Trump Tattoo on August of 2016. This had caused many disputes to be caused within the school between Mr. Jeffery and many other students attending the school, some of these disputes have gone as far as causing altercations between others students. Due to these disputes, Mr. Jeffrey was suspended until he had committed one of the following: 1. Removed the tattoo from his neck. 2. Covers the neck whenever he is within the school.                                        ______________________________________________________________________________According to Florida Compilation of School Discipline Laws and Regulations, “1. An explanation of the responsibilities of each student with regard to appropriate dress, respect for self and others, and the role that appropriate dress and respect for self and others has on an orderly learning environment. Each district school board shall adopt a dress code policy that prohibits a student, while on the grounds of a public school during the regular school day, from wearing clothing that exposes underwear or body parts in an indecent or vulgar manner or that disrupts the orderly learning environment.” 1006.07-District school board duties relating to student discipline and school safety. As that passage states very clearly, “respect for self and others” an image of Donald Trump on Jeffrey’s neck could very well be considered an extreme distraction, and or ______________________________________________________________________________Though the first amendment says students can express their opinions with their clothing and fashion. This is an issue about a safe and secure learning environment, if this tattoo causes disruptions and fights in school, the school has a right to stop it. It causes extreme distractions. The first amendment also does not say, or protect anything about clothing or in this case, tattoos for specifically students.______________________________________________________________________________The school MICDS has been unwelcoming to Trump supporters.  ______________________________________________________________________________As a school, it is the staff’s, teacher’s, principal’s, and director’s responsibility to keep students, such as Jeffrey, safe from other students that would want to hurt him due to his political opinions. If it will cause harm to another student, it is the school’s job to keep him safe if there are possible future altercations. The consequences that have been offered to Mr. Jeffrey are rational and those that will benefit his safety for him as of now and in the future.


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