Should changes be made to the U.S. immigration policy was the first topic I selected because I felt that if you allow one culture of people to live in the U.S then you should allow others as well because America is known as the land of the free and they escaping exile from their country and everyone deserves equal opportunity. The audience would be religious, passionate, and hostile people. The way this country was built by our founding fathers excluded no one from working labor, and immigration shouldn’t be able to stop a man or a woman who looking for work from other country.

My second topic was should regulations for home schools be changed and I think no one should be home school in the U.S because even though we have predators out there we also have law enforcement and no one should be afraid to get an education in society. I think unless there’s a disability that’s prohibits a child schools should be open to the public. The audience would be administrative, critical, passionate people. In the U.S the number of students being home school increases every month due to the dangers and predators, the chance of a good education and the comfort of the parents eases the mind and less stress of how my child will turn out in life.

The last topic I selected was should changes be made to the No Child Left behind Act this is one of my favorites because I have kids and I know what it’s like to be a parent who child has been left behind for any issues that surrounds the learning capabilities. Most kids advances early but what do we do when one or two doesn’t. I feel bad knowing my son walks across his elementary stage and his best friend Timmy doesn’t. The audience is emotional, passionate, and sympathetic people. No child can be left behind due to financial restraints it’s our job to build and fund charities such as the lottery to fund education. Leaving a child behind says what about society?


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