Remittances: Economics and Family Members

Remittances is the amount of money that you send by mail to pay for something. Remittance might seem to be in perfect order for surviving in life, deep inside situation can be very helpful, we don’t even predict. Remittances provide us with an escape from struggle for life. It also helps to economic growth.

First of all, most of the money that poorer countries receive from richer countries come from remittances. Remittance workers usually need to send money to their own country. In order to support their family members financially, make personal investments, pay utility bills, and even for new house purchases. Thus, remittances contribute to their countries’ fund greater than all other forms of funding. Besides, remittances is also helpful for host countries. For example, they get many much needed blue collar job workers. Apparently, both countries equally take advantage from remittances.

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Secondly, remittances bring numerous opportunities to families’ future for whose one of the family members become a remittance worker. In this case, I could be the initiator of my relatives. Remittance workers could give their relatives many opportunities, such as educational, higher incomes, freedom, financial support and so on. I myself have been witnessing my life getting better since I came to the United States. For instance, I have a chance to get in the college. Unfortunately, it was not possible in Turkey due to a final exam.

In conclusion, even though it’s really hard to become a remittance worker, it is still helpful in every situation. I can’t think of anything negative about remittances. Clearly, remittance is an advantage for poorer or richer countries.