Reminding guests about the time change

Day light saving time is a change in the standard time of each time zone. Beginning in 2007, Daylight Saving Time was extended for one month and began for most of the United States at 2.00 am on the second Sunday in March and lasts until 2.00 am on the first Sunday of November.

One of the biggest reasons we change our clocks to Day light saving Time is that it saves energy.  It is the desire of the hotel that our guests help us in saving energy as this will determine our continued existence and how well we are able to serve you. Perhaps as a citizen you would be glad to know that we trim the entire country’s electricity usage by one percent each day with Daylight Saving time.

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Daylight saving time does start this weekend.  Here are some ideas to help you embrace that change:

a) Change your clocks in the afternoon on Saturday instead of the morning on Sunday. You will be able to adjust faster if you start thinking in terms of the new time.

b) Reset all the clocks in your room, including your wrist watch, the microwave, the time stamp message on your telephone answering machine-bet you did not think of that one-and do not forget this one, the alarm clock. Reset your car’s clock as well. Your computer and cell phone should be able to automatically update the time.

Remember to enjoy the extra hour of sleep in our comfortable beds while you can. And also remember, next year you wont have to fall back until the first Sunday in November.

As a hotel we understand that the time change can be disruptive for out guests as they as they may lose track of the date, forget to change the clocks in their rooms and miss appointments as a result. At Hilton we strive to make our guests got through the time change as though everything is normal. For this to be successful we know we require cooperating with our guests hence the need for this letter.

For those guests who will have appointments, you are advised to make a request for a wake up call at the reception. The receptionists will be glad to make work easier. It is more convenient that you ask to be woken up an hour before your intended departure. It could be a bit confusing because while your clock will be reading 7.00 am the time will actually be 8.00 am. It is our privilege to help you eliminate this confusion.