Religious themes

It is important to note that the major networks both local and global are recognizing that people are religious and/or have persuasions that are inexplicably tied to their existence. This is an essential aspect of almost all persons existing today. It is even effectively useful to employ an issue pertaining to religion or spiritually in order to generate publicity and ratings for many celebrities, TV networks and writers. Religious themes and values abound everywhere. Precisely due to the impact religion has to most adherents.In the books that Jane Austen wrote such as Pride and Prejudice, the tone is undeniably set on the values of the writer’s background and century (circa 1812). A film in the suspense/horror genre such as The Mist written by Stephen King has in its heart the angst of today’s generation with strong persuasive appeal to the transcendent aspirations of the average moviegoer.

It poignantly contrasts the fanatic against the pragmatic and practical but never missing one beat of most of the people’s beliefs in the things to come especially the miraculous.Songwriters and singers definitely enjoy the returns of their work these days. With American Idol a phenomenal hit worldwide, the winner and already an awardee from various award-giving bodies Carrie Underwood is making it big with her songs topping the hit lists.

Many of her songs have direct and indirect references to the predominant religion in her place and in US in general. A good guess why she won that season is that her music had touched Christianity’s roots in country America where voters still claim spiritual anchor.Advertisements like American Heritage with products as common everyday necessity as microwave oven, and washing machines feature Maria who happens to be a copy of Maria of the Sound of Music fame. The ad emphasizes togetherness or the importance of prioritizing the family’s needs by taking notice of the details of their peculiar tastes is another example of how the advertisers probably planned to gear the ads towards many who are advocates of family togetherness.