Relating Violent Crime and Terrorism

Violent crimes and terrorism currently represent one of the most burning topics which are being discussed by a large number of people. There is a direct link between these two concepts because terrorism is always full of violence. Terrorism usually results in violent crimes, and even if it accidentally does not, its major goal still remains to provide severe harm to people. Violent crime is a broader term, and terrorism is one of the ways in which violent crime can be represented.

The roots of terrorism and individual violent crimes are a little different, even though they both are based on violence. Terrorism aims to frighten people of the whole world, or of certain nations, and bring them on their knees. Terrorists have discovered long ago that the easiest way to threaten people is to violently murder their loves ones. Terrorists plan their attacks very carefully, they usually have a very cunning mind, and when they strike, it is often impossible to realize how somebody can be so enthusiastic to murder others.

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On the contrary, individuals who simply engage in violent crimes do not seek to bring the whole world on their knees. They want to hurt particular people, become rich as the result of gangs, or are simply mentally sick. Everybody remembers 9-11, one of the most violent crimes in the history of mankind. Terrorists managed to murder more people than any serial killer would be able to murder in his lifetime, and bring so much horror and sufferings to their victims before the planes hit Twin Towers.

They were looking for ways to threaten United States, and thus they ruined Twin Towers, the symbol of free trade. Terrorists used violent crime to ruin one of the ideals of Americans. Another example of a violent terrorist act is first day of school in Beslan, when many Russian children and their parents and teachers were severely wounded and killed as the result of Chechen terrorist attack. A beautiful day of knowledge for which children were impatiently waiting turned out a real nightmare, in which a large number of people died.

Terrorists were not seeking to hurt particular children and their parents. Chechens wanted to show Russia that they were stronger and that they would keep showing violence until they get their independence. Terrorism and violent crime are very closely related. Terrorism is based on violence. It is very difficult to stop individual crimes, and it is particularly difficult to stop terrorism, because it targets whole nations.