Reflections on a Teacher

When I was at the young age of seven, I have met such a wonderful person who made such a big impact on my life. The person I am referring to is no other than my beloved teacher, Miss Olivas. Our family moved from Brazil to Mexico. In our hometown, I was not able to get an opportunity for a good education since schools were not present there. I had to start school very late when we got to Mexico. I really had a very tough time adjusting to school; especially when my classmates ridicule me or make me feel embarrassed with my situation.

When she senses embarrassment and discouragement, she comes right out to share to us her own experiences to serve as lessons in life. Somehow, I regain the will to push through. My classmates learn to value of acceptance and humility as well. I was so lucky to have Miss Olivas, my teacher, at my side. She was so full of inspiring words and challenging advises. She went beyond helping me to read and write. She patiently explained the lessons we tackle in class. She helped me cope with my difficulties in school. She motivated me towards reaching the goals she helped me set for myself.

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When challenges seemed hard to face, she was there to light the way. Her face always had a sweet smile that brightens the day of the people around her. You may feel she always had a genuine concern in helping people around her, the best way she knows she can. Just knowing someone believes in you can have miraculous outcomes; and Miss Olivas is that someone who believed in me, more than I believed in myself. Through her enthusiasm, patience and hard-work; my learning experiences became priceless. Her generosity extended towards my whole family.

I can never be so grateful to my teacher. She understood how difficult it was for us all; me, my mother, my father and the whole family; to move to a new place. Miss Olivas helped me and my family get through this ordeal. She helped us to get by, day by day. She gave some assistance to help us with our daily basic needs in the beginning. She even helped my father get employment in several schools in the vicinity. My father had the opportunity to teach a form of martial arts, called Capoinera, in schools where Miss Olivas had been connected.

Capoinera is a dance originating from Brazil. Likewise, Miss Olivas was an inspiration and encouragement to my mother in setting up her own perfume and herbal shop. Miss Olivas is a life-changer. We consider her as family to us; and a very dear friend. As I look back, I could not help to imagine how life might have been without the help and guidance of my teacher. Miss Olivas might have a really, really huge heart to care for us and everyone around her that much. I believe that a lot of things were not possible without her help. She had given us a chance for a better life.

In everyday of my life, I try my very best to give back the help, care and understanding she extended to our family. Nothing seemed to be enough or equal in value. So, I dedicate all my successes to her and my gratefulness for all that she is to us. Miss Olivas means a lot to us all; a perfect example of an angel working miracles here on earth. She is such a blessing and a remembrance of God’s love for everyone. I hope that everyone gets to meet such a wonderful, wonderful person and such a sweet lady like my teacher, who would change lives for the better in every way.