An organized classroom reflects a well-prepared teacher and a class eager to learn. This report accounts my observation of an elementary class with particular focus on the teacher’s preparedness and classroom environment. Observation The class that I observed was an elementary class composed of 6th grade students. The classroom was spacious enough for a class of forty students. It was well-equipped with proper ventilation and lighting, green blinds covered the windows, and a wide board—half blackboard and half white board was situated in front.

Also in front was a platform for teachers which allowed an elevated view of the class and vice versa. I noticed a lot of classroom decorations made by the students. One section contained their artworks, essay collections, math exercises, maps, and messages. In another section, I saw a board that listed the students’ interests, their birthdays, class ranking, and regular tasks in their homeroom. Still another section included some knowledge-based displays that informed about the books (short novels) the teacher recommends for home reading.

Interestingly, there was a message that said by reading the books, they would gain additional points for the grading period. I believe this would help encourage students to read and improve their writing skills but time should be alloted for short discussions of the said novels. There were also some simple lessons posted for Social Science and Math subjects which I think had already been memorized by the students and so they need to be updated and changed with entirely new ones.

The chairs were neatly arranged and divided into two sections, allowing the teacher to walk in the middle and across the room to check on the students from time to time. This arrangement was advantageous and helped facilitate listening. Noticeably, there were desks designed for left-handed students at the end of each row on the left side of the room. When I inquired, the teacher explained that the school recognizes the individual differences of students and their individual needs such as being left or right-handed. That day, the teacher discussed a poem about an ant.

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First, she solicited some pieces of information from the students about ants. The students were able to give details as this was assigned to them previously. As the lesson progressed, I noted that the teacher was well-prepared with her visual aids which included a copy of the poem, picture of an ant and vocabulary list. However, there were no objectives written on the board regarding what the class should achieve at the end of the lesson. Instead, the teacher announced them bit by bit as she went on with her discussion.

When asked, she said she wanted to surprise her students with the activities she designed for the day. Commendably, the teacher appeared to be very enthusiastic in discussing the poem, which helped capture students’ interest. She also developed the discussion part very well, eliciting first the primary details, the synthesis, and finally an evaluation of the author’s motive. With a strong but modulated voice, she was able to arouse the interest of the students, and with well-thought of questions, the class participated actively.

She handled the class very well by asking students to recite one at a time, and to raise a hand and wait to be called before answering. When students seemed to be making noise, she called their attention in a way that did not mean to humiliate. Overall, the teacher’s performance was very impressive. Some areas that needed improvement related to monitoring students’ behavior during the activity. Since the students were assigned into groups to do a short skit with ants as characters, their excitement created some noise which may have been avoided if there was a student assistant to guide the students together with the teacher.

Also, the teacher was wearing a skirt which I felt was uncomfortable specially when monitoring class activity. In addition, the visual aids she prepared needed to be posted thus they occupied too much space on the board which could have been used for students’ presentation. It would be better to have the materials projected on one side of the room or displayed near the bulletin boards. Also, the bulletin boards needed to be updated with new lessons and other multi-media effects so as to provide students additional ideas on other modes of presentation.


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