Reflection on Nutrition Over the past several years I have thought about the type of food that I eat and how complacent I have become when it comes to my diet and exercise. I am getting older and with age come difficulty in shedding unwanted pounds. The Science of Nutrition has definitely been an eye opener and valuable tool that has made me feel a sense of responsibility for my health because now I know better. The assignment that I enjoyed the most was the Dehydration assignment during week five.

I know that not drinking enough water while exercising and sweating or during times of illness with bouts of fever to replace the water loss in the body could require medical attentive in severe cases. What I didn’t know was that over-hydration results in complications called water toxicity. Water toxicity occurs when the body experiences a loss of water and minerals while sweating which causes a dilution of sodium in the body.

Symptoms that occur are similar to that of dehydration which includes nausea, muscle cramps, disorientation and slurred speech. The assignment that affected my life in terms of overall health was during week six while completing the “Three Day Activity “ and the “Three Day Diet Analysis” I realized that the foods I consume are do not promote good health and could cause some long term problems for me in the future. At times I would eat too many calories and at other times too few.

My current diet consists of primarily fast foods that do not provide the proper daily nutrients. Today I scheduled an appointment to join Weight Watchers because I need help with meal planning and I also need the support of others in order to get my life on the right track. I realize that I can’t do this on my own because I have spent many years trying unsuccessfully. This class has encouraged me to become serious about making a commitment to change.

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Reflection on Nutrition
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