Mandy Dean 02/01/2011 Midterm Reflection Letter Renee Gurley English 090 My journey as a writer has not been as difficult as I thought it would. I have always had a passion for writing and telling my thoughts or stories. However, I have learned many things so far in this class. When writing the first essay there were many steps I used. The topic of our essay was already selected, so I simply built off of the topic. I used brainstorming to select my different thoughts I wanted to share in the essay. Once I had my ideas down, I used organizing to make my paper flow better.

Once I was satisfied with the essay, I then used revision for grammar and punctuation errors. The most challenging part of the essay for me was to not stray off topic. I wanted to make sure to not under share or over share. I always want to keep writing, but as my professor has told me “less is more. ” So knowing when to end my paragraph was the most difficult part. The easiest part of writing the essay would be building off of the topic. I am fairly good at coming up with the ideas and thoughts. Expressing my ideas and the direction I wanted the essay to go was my favorite part .

When writing another essay I would take more time revising. I need to slow down and make sure my thoughts make more sense. What is written down doesn’t always sound right when read back. Punctuation and grammar are a very common mistake that I made and are preventable. Based on the knowledge I now have about essay writing, I would do more independently. While asking my professor for and opinion is fine, I would do more on my own. I would like to feel more confident in my writing skills, but that comes with time and experience.


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