Date: July 28, 2011 To: Mr. William D’ Price, Company President From: Yoilen Alfonso, Sales Vice President. Subject: A&Y Sophisticated Jewel- sales increase. A few weeks ago our employee Sidney Alison (of shift 2 department 5 of sales) came to me with the question “What can our company do to improve our sales? ” That question has been essential in allowing me to gain a better understanding of the problems that have to do with increasing our sales which has a 5% low in the last month, and I am thankful. As I left her office that day my project was already underway.

Most recently, I have spent these past weeks researching expert opinions on workplace and discussing these matters with our employees. How to increase our sales We realized that there are three ways we can sell our product and increase sales, by advertising, word of mouth, and direct marketing. How these could benefit our company 1. Advertising: because it is the best way of communication to reach our target market, I am secure that this method is going to work efficiently because the repetition of the image and our product name will associate certain qualities of our brand in the minds of the consumer. 2.

Word of mouth: because it is the more influential advertising, than any other form of advertising. People believe what their friends and neighbors have to say about our company, and they will remember it for a long time. 3. Direct marketing: I chose this one because it reaches the audience directly through multiple channels including email, direct mail, social media, catalogs, online advertising, interactive television, etc. , this will work well because our business will communicate straight to our consumer with advertising techniques such as fliers, catalog distribution, promotional letters, and street advertising.

Also we should advertise our business on free classifieds, relevant forums and social networking websites. Summary and action According to a recent public survey of people 15 – 45 years old, 40% of those interviewed, claimed that they like sophisticated jewel very much, or love it. With the appropriate promotion our business is going to reach approximately 36% of our potential market, increasing our sales by a 50% and being a more profitable company. The cost of our promotion will be $200 at month which is very low compared with the increasing of our company’s project sales. Sincerely, Yoilen Alfonso Sales Vice President

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