Introduction The case of The Well Paid Receptionist shows introduce the benefits of working for a startup company then a one that is already made. Cathy took a chance to work for a man with only a vision and limited resources at a difficult time in her life. As mentioned in the case, the company turned into a major million-dollar business. Cathy ends up having the second largest salary in the company, which is becoming a problem for Mr. Harvey Finley, the owner.

In this paper will go into more detail about the case and discuss the Value Over Time (VOT) of the company Troupville Business Systems (TBS). This paper presents the issues in the case as well as the solutions to these issues. We will also talk about how to establish Value Over Time and the positive and negative impact on these value drivers. The Well-Paid Receptionist The case of The Well-Paid Receptionist spotlights a compensation issue, which may present an opportunity that will creatively increase Value Over Time (VOT) at Troupville Business Systems (TBS).

TBS is a small business that sells leases and repair copy machines and computers. The issue is a result of the fact that seven years ago, Harvey Finley founded his business on modest resources and with just one employee, Cathy Brannen. Cathy was hired to serve in a multi-functional role of receptionist, secretary, general assistant, and to help promote and develop the business. At that time, the average salary for a receptionist in the town of Troupville was $14,000 per year.

Due to Cathy’s qualifications, recommendations, and previous salary Harvey was afraid that Cathy would deny a $14,000. 00 offer and proposed a sales override of two percent of sales (Cousins, 1992). The proposition of a two percent of sales override seemed like a small amount at the time, but as Harvey concedes, primarily due to Cathy’s contributions Troupville Business Systems became very successful. Because of his offer Cathy’s salary surpassed expectations and after seven years of employment, her compensation exceeded $127,000 per year.

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Normally such an issue would be considered a problem or at least a dilemma, but in this case, it appears to present an unusual opportunity to make TBS even more successful. Although, Cathy is making five to six times more than the average assistant in the region her reparation is not a mistake, for the reason that she has developed herself and has earned her compensation at TBS (Cousins, 1992). The question that remains is how exactly can this situation be turned into an opportunity?


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